York Town Square

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Back to the Year 2000 in York, Pa.: Much has changed in 15 years

Remember these buildings, even those Ohio Blenders’ silos in the background? That’s the old P & S Motors’ North Beaver Street site, right. All these buildings are no more, giving way about a decade ago to the Northwest Triangle development on and around their former footprints. Also of interest: See the former Weavers Auto Body building coming down.  

Do you have photos of York, Pa., around the year 2000? The request came from a leader in the community.

I checked the various York Daily Record archives, and reported back that we just don’t organize our holdings by date or era.

Still, I scrounged and was able to pull up more than 20 photos from circa 2000 and made them available to the interested person. And this photo gallery now is available to you, too, or by clicking on the icon. (The two photos with this post come from that millennial moment, as well.)

I appreciate the query because it provided an opportunity to show change in York, Pa. Here is my lead-in to the photo gallery:



We’re moving deeper and deeper into the 21st century. So much has changed in 15 years as you know from looking around. A look back at photos from the year 2000, give or take 5 years, helps you to see that. Enjoy the tour!

The rail trail – running from Rudy Park in the north past New Freedom to the Maryland Line in the south – is slated to pass through York’s Northwest Triangle development area. That area is seen here extending from the stone bank of the Codorus Creek to – and around – the Keystone Color Works building. The development represents an interesting blend of industrial use – the Northwest Triangle brownfield and the old Northern Central Railroad – and recreational – a trail full of bikers and hikers covering that terrain. The Northwest Triangle draws its name from the its location in the northwest area of the downtown and city. The creek takes a bend there carving out a triangle-shaped area ripe for development. You see this bend in the photograph atop this story.