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Biographer searching for details of former York County artist Cliff Satterthwaite

‘Eyes on Sputnik,’ the caption under York, Pa., artist Cliff Satterthwaite’s drawing stated. The caption went on to note that Yorkers followed the course of the Soviet satellite when it was visible in skies above the county in August 1958. Satterthwaite drew this scene at Edgar and East King streets. (See additional example of the artist’s documentary work below.) Also of interest: Cartoonist made York newspaper owner’s views an art form and From squealing pigs to wireless, York, Pa., markethouses have changed and Readers can view best of Bil Bowden’s photos on blog.

Diana Palladino (ANTIQS4ALL@aol.com) is writing a biography about former York County artist Cliff Satterthwaite and is looking for information on this noted artist from his time here.
He left about 25 years ago and lives today in Fredericksburg, Va.
The researcher wrote that the artist’s work appeared in The Gazette and Daily, York Daily Record and The York Dispatch… .

Cliff Satterthwaite captured a fatal fire on York’s East Market Street in July 1958. A caption noted that he drew this scene in less than two hours.
This means he probably free-lanced his work, among many other art projects that he undertook in York County.
His work in The Gazette and Daily appears to be mainly of the documentary type, drawing news events of the day. Another artist, Walt Partymiller, drew opinion cartoons during the same period.
Satterthwaite’s file at the York County Heritage Trust suggests his work appeared in The Gazette and Daily and its successor, the York Daily Record, between the 1950s and 1970s.
Here are excerpts of Diana Palladino’s query:

“He spent his own time creating plein-air paintings of York and the surrounding area. I have written a short biography for Ask Art which can be read on Fridays without becoming a member. It is all the information I currently have of him. I was hoping that maybe your newspaper might have some archived information I could use.
“Any help would be appreciated. Cliff will be 76 years old next April 1 and I would like to have completed this biography for him by then. It’s a shame I cannot find much about the approximately 30 years he lived and worked there.”

Diana was also able to identify two murals the artist painted – at the Altland House in Abbottstown.
Satterthwaite’s documentary art is quite interesting, and I’ll post more of it on this blog.
For more about the artist, here’s a Web page of interest.