York Town Square

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Another beautiful Northern Maryland site ripe for York countians to visit

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Here’s a scene ripe for discovery – another appealing Northern Maryland scene. These falls in northern Maryland, not far from York County’s southern border, are located on Deer Creek. This area is known by Falling Creek, Falling Branch and Kilgore falls. These falls, where Disney film ‘Tuck Everlasting’ was filmed, might be unknown to many folks. Maryland Geological Survey’s website states: ‘Maryland’s second highest free-falling waterfall is located on the Falling Branch of Deer Creek in northern Harford County. The falls were well known to local native Americans and settlers, but in recent times the area was relatively unknown because the land was privately owned. Through the work of citizens groups, businesses, schools and government agencies the Falling Branch Area was added to Rocks State Park in 1993 and open to the public.’ Also of interest: Eden Mill Nature Center offers high dam, intact mill.

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Joan Concilio, from over at Only in York County, has updated the long, long list of history-oriented York County museums, societies, websites and and other resources.

Check out this list and you know that the study and enjoyment of local history is alive and well in York County, Pa.

Please let me know if there are additions or corrections.


Delightful scene


After the YDR’s Paul Kuehnel saw this story and the wonderful photo above, he emailed: ‘There is a story with every one of those photos. I’ve always liked that angle in Glen Rock with a train in the distance and the tree canopy it looks like a small village serviced by a train somewhere in the past.’


These place is fascinating – and instructive:

+++ Interesting site: Histocrats is an interesting blogsite, operated by educators. In a recent post, it offered a discussion about: What makes your hometown unique? Here is an excerpt: “Is there a place that everyone knows? Are you from the Fern Capital of the World? Do you live down the street from an important battlefield? Every town has a story to tell. It is the collective story of a place and all those who have lived there. You can find it in what the town has kept and preserved and in what the town has abandoned and destroyed.  The natural and built landscape share a story with you. Do you know what it is?” What say you about York County? Please comment below. +++ History Mystery: One of York County’s iconic farms … in its day: 

*Top photo courtesy of Don McClure