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Hanover native Ann Roth explains how she designs costumes for Hollywood

Costume designer Ann Roth, a Hanover native, created this sketch for Meryl Streep for a scene in “Mamma Mia!” Hanover Area Historical Society President James E. Schuman shows off the sketch, which was part of an exhibit of Roth’s sketches at the Warehime-Myers Mansion in Hanover. Background posts: York County’s Ludwig family produces two national headliners and Area loom makes costumes for Hollywood and TV show box set ‘Terry & the Pirates’ to be part of a museum exhibit someday?.
Hanover native Ann Roth began her career as a scenery painter for the Pittsburgh Opera.
But her gift for costume design was ready and waiting. And she’s still designing years later.
So says a short bio of the famed designer on MakingOf.com, a Web site offering viewers a look at how movies are made through the eyes of the makers.
MakingOf.com is featuring the first of three scheduled Ann Roth videos… .

So, if you want to see a native daughter explaining her craft, click here.
The Web site’s bio concisely provides some of Ann Roth’s achievements:

“With an Academy Award for Best Costume Design for “The English Patient” and nominations for “Places in the Heart,” “The Talented Mr. Ripley” and “The Hours,” Ann Roth’s costume design approach of knowing any character’s little intricacies has proven to be a winning formula… . In this last year alone, she completed “Mama Mia,” “Doubt” and “The Reader.” … We can next see Roth’s work in “Last Night” with Keira Knightley.”

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