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Dallastown teacher ekes out stand-up lesson during fire drill

Mark Noll set an American record for shortest field trip this week.
The Dallastown Area High School history teacher did not let a fire drill impair precious instructional time.

When the alarm rang, he walked with his class to a nearby ball field. The class faced the option of continuing with the lesson or waiting until they went back to their seats. They wanted Noll to proceed, and so he did. The class stood in a circle, and Noll taught from its center.
The topic was John Adams and the Alien and Sedition Acts, and the veteran teacher tied comparative references to America today under the Patriot Act and the War on Terrorism.
Noll’s commitment to eke out instructional time helps a disproportionate number of his students pass the annual AP exams every year.
Historian David McCullough and other critics believe schools need more teachers who are scholars in their field.
Mark Noll is a prime example of a scholar with well-honed teaching skills.
Whether in class … or on the ball field.
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