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Amish, Mennonite faiths explored, explained in new Lancaster exhibit: Linked into history, 3/2/13

Inventor William C. Davis/York County villages/Off 83’s exits

The Landis Valley Mennonite Church donated the Sexton’s House to the Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum about 50 years ago. The old Lancaster County house will be the site for a new exhibit ‘The Mennonite Faith in Landis Valley.’ A Landis Valley release says the exhibit will be a peg for those with questions about the Mennonite and Amish faiths. The release did not mention TV’s ‘Amish Mafia,’ but the show has helped propel these Pennsylvania Dutch faiths into the nation’s scope. The Amish forgiveness coming of nearby Nickel Mines also put forth a truer image of these mother/daughter German denominations. (Yes, mother/daughter. The Amish are a subgroup of the Mennonites.) It’s wonderful when heritage organizations can tie their programming and exhibits into the news. The York County Heritage Trust recently did so with a tea linking in with TV ‘Downton Abbey.’ Details about the exhibit, opening March 10, are available at landisvalleymuseum.org.  Also of interest: Check out this post telling about how the Amish population is growing on the York County side of the Susquehanna.

Neat stuff from all over … .

Over at sister site, YDR Insider, blogger Brittany Wilson put up some of the hamlets around York County that are commonly known but not incorporated: So the event is in Brogue? Make that the Brogue area of Chanceford Township.

So the job of the journalist is to help the reader understand that Shiloh, for example, is in the township of West Manchester.

You might enjoy checking out the tour of these villages around York County via Brittany’s post. Here’s a sample in the Central/Northeastern/York Suburban school district area:

-Cly (Newberry Township)
– East York (Not a place; the Olde East York neighborhood is in the City of York, but what most people call “East York” is Springettsbury Township)
-Emigsville (Manchester Township)
– Foustown (Manchester Township)
– Pleasureville (Springettsbury Township)
– Roundtown (Manchester Township)
– Saginaw (East Manchester Township)
– Starview (East Manchester Township)
– Strinestown (Conewago Township)

Interesting. I think I’ve written about everyone of those villages on this blog.

Also on Insider:
YDR Insider is a place where you can understand the inside/out workings of the York Daily Record/Sunday News and all the digital stuff we do. It’s pretty popular. This post, for example, drew about 100 page views. It tells about how we received a 1943 city directory via a kind reader. (We’ll, in turn, donate it to the York County Heritage Trust.

Exit Interview, Part another: Love ydr.com’s ‘Exit Interviews’ series. That series explores often obscure places and things near the exits of Interstate 83. The most recent piece explores Dixie’s Used Furniture in Emigsville.

Sixteen-year-old Yorker Idris Rodriguez profiled African American inventor and scientist William C. Davis as part of the African American History Fair at Crispus Attucks Community Center. Idris wants to invent, too. This year’s fair was the 18th such local event. For detail, see: Black history fair inspires youths.