York Town Square

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York’s American War Mothers’ monument overlooked

War Mothers monument in Penn Park.

The Prospect Hill Cemetery, vandalized last week, is just one of York County’s unsung treasures… .

This week, we’ll explore a sampling of other under recognized historic sites.

Right about in the middle of York’s Penn Park rests a handsome monument unveiled by American War Mothers on Veterans Day, 1946.

Gold, Silver and Blue Star mothers participated in unveiling the 6-foot-high monument. In World War II, Gold Stars hung in windows of families who had a member killed in action. Blue Stars were awarded to families with a member in the service. Silver Stars were granted to families with a member who was wounded in the military.

The monument doesn’t even rate as Penn Park’s best-known marker. The towering Soldiers and Sailors Monument steals the show. And it’s about the only ode to the Civil War in the York area that overshadows ubiquitious World War II monuments.

The War Mothers monument stands near a marker commemorating the planting of five trees in 1999 as part of the 250th anniversary of York County celebration.

The two monuments form a bit of a monument row that could be added to in the future.

The War Mother Monument bears the inscription: “We mothers are proud of our sons and daughters who won peace and freedom for the world. Guard well this heritage for the mothers of the future.”

*Edited, 2/17/12