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Emigsville, Pa., American Acme documents found in St. Louis, Mo.

The 19th-century homestead of John Emig of York County’s Emigsville fame is shown in this drawing. The Emig name was attached to Acme Wagon Works, predecessor of American Acme Company, for decades. Also of interest: 50-year Emigsville construction company’s closure: ‘It was a bittersweet day for all of us’ and In 1997, Emigsville’s mighty oak fell and Emigsville’s Web site tells tales of community’s past.
Pat Martin in St. Louis has some documents that might have value to some folks linked with American Acme, former maker of sleds and other wood products, in York County, Pa.
She wrote:

I’m not sure where it came from, but I have some paperwork that I would like to send to Anna Koval. I have the Articles of Partnership for the Dealers Building Materials Company, dated October 1, 1953, signed by Alwin A. Schulz and Carl H. Oermann.
I also have a promissory note dated December 31, 1927, where American Acme Company promises to pay American Toy and Novelty Works $14,214.84. This is also signed by Carl Oermann, as well as by the Secretary and Treasurer. It has a raised seal on it so I assume it is the original.
I found these in the bottom of an old file cabinet that was being used at the school. I am sure it is probably worth something to Ms. Koval.
Please let me know where I can send these. I checked the Web to see if any of these companies still existed and I found your article mentioning Ms. Koval. I hope it brings back good memories for her.

I commented on Pat Martin’s comment:
That company’s buildings are now an industrial park. I don’t have a particular way to contact the Koval family. You might query: www.emigsville.org. Also, you can query the York County Heritage Trust, www.yorkheritage.org, in the event you want to put those documents into public play.
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Drawing courtesy of Dianne Bowders.