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Along the Susquehanna River: ‘We have the equivalent of a national park’

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Pinnacle Overlook near Holtwood in Lancaster County. Submitted
Here’s a spot that hasn’t yet been here on YorkTownSquare.com , and we specialize in finding favorite – and obscure – spots around here, Pinnacle Overlook on the Lancaster side of the Susquehanna. Lancaster County Conservancy has received the 80-acre scenic vista near Holtwood Dam from PPL Electric. A York Daily Record/Sunday New story on such developments along the Susquehanna brought forth this interesting viewpoint from Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area: “We have the equivalent of a national park right in our own backyard. If we improve the quality of the guides and maps and work with our tourist promotion agencies to sell it beyond the local area, it’s a huge resource that could bring jobs and tourism to the region.” Also of interest: Zimmerman Center: They came by land and river to see the improvements.

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This is an outside the box idea. A dam on the Codorus Creek.

“Businessman Matthew Bupp is moving forward with his plan to build a hydroelectric power dam on Codorus Creek, a plan that he said would provide free electricity for his buildings, a local product demonstration for Voith Hydro and an emergency resource for the community,” a York Daily Record/Sunday News story states.

Bupp is with Yorktowne Paper, identifiable by the tall smokestack visible to the east from Interstate 83 as you cross over the Codorus Creek.

This wouldn’t be the first time that the normal flow of the Codorus would be addressed. A system of canals and slackwater pools called Codorus Navigation operated in the middle third of the 19th century.


The current search for Eric Frein, wanted in the death of a state trooper in northeastern Pennsylvania, reminds you of this case:


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Cliff Satterthwaite captured this scene: the Glades Auction in 1963. He said this was done on 8.5 by 11, plein-air, ink on paper. Check out: More Satterthwaite drawings.

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