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All about the York Factory Whistle in 10 quick links

Whistlemaster Don Ryan sports a new look, tux and all, in recognition of the York Factory Whistle’s new location on Metso in York, Pa. It was moved this year from its longtime home at New York Wire on East Market Street. Another change this year is that the public can see the whistle as it operates on compressed air. See details about the 12:15 a.m. Christmas concert: Four new facts about the York Factory Whistle Concert. Also of interest: Check out these 40 stories with photos about the factory whistle and its international known concert.

Here’s are 10 links to learn more about the York Factory Whistle concert.

1. Who originated the New York Wire Cloth Factory Whistle Concert, aka York Factory Whistle concert?


A nicely-clad Don Ryan warming up the other day.

3. Why the whistle is famous: The world’s loudest music without amplification from a non-musical instrument.

4. All kinds of interesting facts about factory whistles in York, Pa.

5. A diagram of the Mockingbird whistle, the same model as the York Factory Whistle.

6. What the whistle looks like up close: You’ve heard the York Factory whistle, but have you seen it?


factorywhisleThese guys helped save the whistle and concert – Jon Raab, Dan Meckley, Jeff Hines – plus a look at a sister whistle at the Agriculture and Industrial Museum.

8. The factory whistle sound has been called many things. How about a ‘whale song without the water.’

9. Check out these York countians as they try to imitate the factory whistle sound with their vocal cords. A neat thing about Jason Plotkin’s video is that it came at a time several years ago in which the factory whistle’s future was endangered. Not so, today.

10. What YDR Facebook fans say about the whistle: