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Absorbing photo and overlay show locations of six Susquehanna River bridges

‘Bridge Burner’ volunteer Chuck Storm uses a torch to light a basket of firewood on top of one of the old bridge supports in the Susquehanna River in a past commemoration of the burning of the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge to stop the Confederate advance eastward in the Civil War. That bridge was the second built in that location. (See view from Highpoint below). Background posts: A 7th bridge? Pedestrian walkway may span Susquehanna River some day, Susquehanna bridge makeover flowing along and Almost … a double deck bridge across the Susquehanna?.

Trying to sort through the six bridges that have crossed the Susquehanna River at Wrightsville makes you feel like you’re drowning. (If you can wrap your brain around the fates of the six bridges, it’s also a good test to stump visitors to York.)
Rivertownes PA USA has thrown us a life preserver… .


This photo from Highpoint in 2007 shows the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge (No. 5), carrying the old Lincoln Highway across the river, and the Wright’s Ferry Bridge (No. 6), where Route 30 spans the river.
The group’s Web site shows an aerial photo of the river in the Wrightsville-Columbia area with the location of the six bridges drawn in.
The pages shows photographs and details about the bridges. It even threw in Anderson’s Ferry, which crossed the river in the Accomac area.
But before you click on the link, be prepared to devote some time because the photo can suck you and make you want to go to the river to tramp around the old crossings. So, be prepared to “lose” an afternoon.