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A Dallastown mystery, Part 2: The case of the unidentified photographs – Linked in with neat York County history stuff, July 16, 2012

More neat stuff below: Buffalo roaming/Wounded pitbulls/Shady Lane

Mike Sentz of the Dallastown Area Historical Society gave us a batch of mystery photos to consider several weeks ago:   A Dallastown mystery: The case of the unidentified photographs.   I couldn’t resist putting up these two after Mike gave me this description. ‘I don’t know if they are from York County or not.  There is nothing on the backs, and we know nothing about them.  Interesting pictures though.  The somewhat jovial couple in front of the destroyed house is strange (bottom photo, but for a better view click here.) The street scene is strangely reminiscent of post tsunami Japan pictures.  The dress and photo style wouldn’t support it being from the Johnstown flood though, so we are stumped.’ If you have some leads, contact Mike at msentz@juno.com or comment below. Also of interest: Dallastown Area Historical Society does right thing: Promoting borough history on Web, too.

Neat stuff from all over … .

Three wounded pitbulls have been found in the past 6 months, leading some officials to believe that dog fighting is occurring around here.

What are you thoughts on the age-old issue of animal fighting? Why would anyone do that? Please comment below.

Interestingly, York County is home to a famous Horace Bonham painting in which the lawyer-turned-artist captured a scene at a cockfight. Or was it actually a cockfight?

See the painting and discussion about its meaning here: Artist Horace Bonham captured everyday life. 

Nice shade: The Shady Lane’s Facebook page has numerous views of that noted Emigsville-area estate. Check it out. The estate will be the scene of a Preserving York picnic on Sunday.

Noted agricultural official dies: John Smith was well known around York County for his work at the York Fair, with 4-Hers and more. He passed away recently and ydr.com tells about his life.

Where the buffalo roam: The Littlestown area is known for horses as in Hanover Shoe Farm standardbreds. But this farmer has buffalo roaming his fields.

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Meant to get this in earlier. Nice demo mortar demo in Gettysburg.