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A 1960s view of Continental Square from the air: Linked in with neat York County history stuff, Dec. 13, 2011

This photograph, from the collection of the late Eddie Schaeberle of York, Pa., arrived in the York Daily Record/Sunday News newsroom with good timing. This aerial view showed Continental Square, the crossroads slightly left of center, circa mid-1960s. On the square’s northeast corner – top, left, in this photograph, sits the old First National Bank building. Citizens Bank, its current occupant, is leaving that site in February. The Yorktowne Hotel, near the top of this photo, was on the sheriff’s sale block Monday, but its lender re-possessed it. A spokesman for the hotel’s former owner is optimistic: ‘The Yorktowne will stay forever,’ he said. Here’s hoping he’s right. This photograph resembled those appearing in ‘Greater York in Action,’ a 1968 York Chamber of Commerce publication. Perhaps they were part of the same aerial photo shoot, and Schaeberle, former Gazette and Daily managing editor, might have acquired them in his newspaper work. Also of interest:  Another Continental Square building in York, Pa., to go dark. When will the light come back on? and Fond memories of the Yorktowne Hotel.

Neat stuff from all over … .

Diane Reynolds wrote an interesting note about her in-laws, York Township residents Virginia and Charley Reynolds.

They celebrated will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on Dec. 20.

Pearl Harbor brought them together, plus some other interesting points: How many people do you know who have been married 70 years?

Though in their 90s, they live independently in their own house.

“They have vivid memories of the war years:  they remember with great
clarity events and even the addresses of places they lived 68, 69, 70
years ago,” Diane wrote.

Her in-laws have collected artifacts, ration coupons and a “loving telegram” Charley, , sent Virginia when he arrived in Europe where he served in a parachute unit

 Pa.’s Statue of Liberty: A reader sent in a link about how the Statue of Liberty in the Susquehanna River, north of Harrisburg, came into being.

A large bit of history: This past week’s Viewpoints section featured two interesting history columns:  June Lloyd wrote about a couple of Ohio towns founded by York countians.  Gordon Freireich wrote about Ebert Furniture and a host of other York County furniture makers.

Designing editor: Lou Silverstein, the New York Times art director, died recently. He made his mark on York County. He gave the York Daily Record/Sunday News its look.

Blog post of the day: Universal York’s June Lloyd gives an interesting link to a story about:  York WASP Veteran Story Told in California Newspaper.

Forum of the day: An Exchange question posted: About Prospect Hill Cemetery: Does anyone take care of the graves anymore?
York County views from on the air:
Just try to resist studying this memory-tugging photograph
Just try to resist studying this memory-tugging Sears photograph, Part II
Just try to resist this memory-tugging photo of North York’s White Oak Park
Just try to resist this memory-tugging aerial photograph of York Whitehull Airport and York Valley Inn and Playland and …
So, can you find long-gone Springwood Park in this aerial photograph?
Camp Security area of Springettsbury Township from the air
Columbia-Wrightsville Susquehanna River bridges from the air.
Just try to resist this memory-tugging photograph of northwest York, Pa.
Just try to resist this memory-tugging aerial photograph of York’s Roosevelt Avenue Airport.
Memorial Stadium, now Bob Hoffman Stadium, built to keep professional baseball in York.