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7 images illustrate York County’s love affair with its cars


By now, YorkTownSquare.com readers know my interest in the Bowling Green Speedway and York County, Pa.’s, love affair with all things with two or four wheels (and notice the one-wheel example  below). That love affair line comes from the York Daily Record’s former editor Dennis Hetzel. The BG Speedway clearly illustrates this relationship. In the middle of remote York County countryside, the speedway drew up to 8,000 fans and 130 cars, according to a recent YDR story about the racetrack revisited at a Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society meeting. The race track didn’t make it out of the mid-1950s, but a marker along Shaffer Church Road remembers its operation. Eastern Museum of Motor Racing at Latimore Valley Fairgrounds, York Springs, Adams County, exhibits artifacts from the speedway. And it old track, visible from the air and identifiable at ground level, can be visited. Just ask property owners for permission. The Bowling Green Speedway Preservation Society operated a website until recently. Maybe they’ll turn it back on. Meanwhile, here’s a bit more: The short but happy life of Bowling Green Speedway. Also of interest: Bowling Green Speedway illustrates York County’s love affair with its cars.

Here are 6 more stories/photos of York County and its cars:

2,3. YDR photographer Paul Kuehnel wrote: “If you need another old car fix… hear the engine running of this 1951 Studebaker Commander Landcruiser. The car will be on display this year and available to win during the 2015 Studebaker York Swap Meet.”

Here’s a story on these Studebakers: Vintage Studebakers readied for raffle in York

4, 5, 6, 7: And here are several YDR Facebook posts on wheels. They weren’t hard to find, and look at all those comments. Feel free to join in: