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5 pictures of one-room schools dotting York County’s countryside


The former Kline’s school leads off a 22-photo ydr.com Media Center gallery of one-room schools. Kathy Spagnola submitted this scene of the old Lower Windsor Township schoolhouse near Lauxmont Farms. At one time, about 300 of these schools dotted York County, Pa.’s, countryside before World War II. Consolidation to larger buildings in the 1950s spelled the end to many of these buildings for educational purposes. But remain standing as homes, business and museums. And don’t forget this site that is packed with more one-room school photos and memories: All in One Room. Also of interest: North Codorus Township’s Diehl’s one-room school, aka ‘Corn-Cob College,’ remembered.

Once you get a feel for the boxy one-room school look, you can pick them out as you drive around York County’s countryside. It can become a bit of a hobby – or obsession.

So to sharpen you eye, here are four other one-room schools from the Media Center gallery:



The Martinsville school house is on the grounds of Lower Windsor Township Municipal Building.


This one-room schoolhouse, Bergdoll School, sits in Wellsville, in northwest York County.


Betty Mummert Nace, Gladys Mummert Seigman and Freda Mummert Dubs at the former Stauffer’s one-room school in North Codorus Township.

081504-PMK-3FILEYS.jpgCarl Nelson, left, and Rollo Lehman visit their former school, Fileys, in northwestern York County. Nelson became a one-room school teacher at Andersontown school. He later became principal of Dover Area High School and a state representative.

Also of interest:

If you’d like to post photos of one-room schools, or really, any scenes from around York/Adams, check out: Your Photos. This was the source for many photos in the one-room school Media Center.