York Town Square

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4-H in Pa. has a century’s worth of candles on its birthday cake: Linked in with neat York County history stuff, Aug. 13, 2012

More neat stuff below: Delaware’s backroads/Pennsylvania Furniture/Carroll County

4-H is observing its 100th anniversary in Pennsylvania this year, and the 4-H program is remains active around agriculturally-minded York County. The annual 4-H Fair, for example, concludes today. (See photograph below.) And 4-H’s building near Bair Station in West Manchester Township is a busy meeting place. Here, Pete Byrne guides a an 1878 plow behind Percheron draft horses in a plowing demonstration in July. That demo was part of the Menges Mill Historic Horse, Steam and Gas Show. For more about 4-H in York County, check out 4-H isn’t just for farmers. Also of interest: West Manchester book contains several gold coins.

Neat stuff from all over … .

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Delaware is more than beaches: Yes, it is. Check out this story, with photos of this guide about attractions throughout Delaware. Well, inland Delaware anyway.

Carroll County, Md., history: Carroll County is just over the Mason-Dixon Line from York so their history is our history When plans are out there to tear down a historic building, an old store, in New Windsor, yorktownsquare.com readers want to know. Check out this Carroll County Times piece, Brownie’s Korner.

From the archives: Thinking about York Symphony loss with Marvin Hamlisch’s death. Which took me to Pennsylvania Furniture craftsman who enjoyed all YSO concerts: York Renaissance man craft fine bedroom suites for Pennsylvania Furniture.

Forum of the day,I: York County is seeking to spend about $11 million in grants and loans to erect a building on county property that would house Penn State extension and other agricultural agencies: http://bitly.com/NnnEQ7. Think it’s a good idea for York County to put up a building for such use? Background: 4 images show the the rise and fall of venerable A.B. Farquhar Co.

Forum of the day, II: Jimmy Bear, a regular contributor over at The Exchange, has started a thread: Do you have any special memories of York city or county parks/playgrounds?

This mosaic project appears on a wall in the York County 4-H Center’s education classroom. Each year, two animals are added, according to a ydr.com story. This year’s fair observes 4-H’s 100th anniversary in Pa.