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Looking for info on the ‘Little General’: Linked in with neat York County history stuff – July 5, 2011

Randy Bowman emailed this photograph (see second photo below) of a small, brass “Little General” statue. His father, Robert Bowman has been a member of the Laurel Fire Company in York for most of his life. Robert told stories about the “Little General” over the years, and Randy found this small statue of this Revolutionary War cavalry officer recently. He wondered when the statue was distributed. Here’s what I know: The “Little General” statue is a replica of a weather vane atop the Colonial Court House, which sat in York’s Centre Square until it was demolished in 1841. The story is that the weather vane was salvaged and placed atop the Laurel Fire Co., hence the Laurel connection. A replica is atop the fire station today. The statue that Randy found was probably distributed in 1927 (the date on the statue is a clue), the 150th anniversary of the adoption of the Articles of Confederation in the Colonial Court House. The 1927 celebration was a major community event and would have generated such souvenirs. If someone has more info about the statue, contact Randy or comment below. Also of interest: All American Revolution posts from the start and Two hundred years after Thomas Paine’s death, the pamphleteer is due a marker in York and Articles of Confederation don’t get no respect.

Neat stuff from all over ….

York County resident Joseph David Cress has a new book in the “Murder & Mayhem” series.
This one, “Murder & Mayhem in York County” tells about true crime stories; some well known, others obscure.
A news release states: … .

“Within its pages are the confessions of the condemned, the musings of poets, eyewitness testimony and media reports spanning over 200 years of York County history from 1803 to the early 2000s.
“Its nineteen chapters are arranged chronologically under six themes and include such notorious cases as the Hex Murder and the Race Riot slayings of 1969. But Cress delves beyond the familiar to bring readers the details on such lesser-known crimes as the conspiracy by slaves to torch York, the lethal love triangle of the Tracey poisoning case, the mysterious death of Gertrude Rudy and the manhunt for the killer of police officer Curtis Sowers.”

The releases states that Cress will launch the book on Saturday, July 16 at the Horrible Saturday horror-themed event at the York Emporium bookstore, 343 W. Market St., York.
Places to visit: The York Daily Record/Sunday News cites a half dozen regional destination where the spirit of spirit of independence changed history. The Colonial Court House replica in York is one of them.
Blog post of the day: Cannonball’s Scott Mingus writes about: Rebels admired the beauty of York, Pennsylvania, during the Gettysburg Campaign.
Forum of the day: A post about the Majestic restaurant in York brings on memories of other past eateries.

The Bowman family has long been associated with York firefighting. “As matter a fact,” Randy Bowman wrote, “two of my cousins David and Mark Bowman are paid city fireman in York. My grandfather Osborne Bowman was a volunteer firefighter and fire police, and buried in the firefighter section of the city cemetery.”

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