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‘250th Chronicles,’ long-forgotten York County history book set, discovered and offered for sale

This D. Small and W. Wagner map of York County in 1821 is featured on a folder for a CD that is found in 250th Chronicles, a three-book and CD set published by the county’s 250th Anniversary Commission in 1999. The set is back on the market. Background posts: York vs. Lancaster, Pa: The American War of the Roses still rages and The day west bankers looked forward to tax time and York, Cumberland counties longtime companions.

A large collection of the three-volume “250 Chronicles,” a three-volume book set, has been discovered in a warehouse, untouched since they went on the market in 1999.
This box set captures the main historical publications associated with the 250th anniversary of York County in that year.
The publications are burned into a CD that is part of the set.
Here’s more good news … .

The original set was priced at $95. Sets are available at the York County Heritage Trust gift shop for $39.95.
Here are some of the features of the set:

— This is the only place my “Never to be Forgotten” is available in hardback.
— Ditto for veteran historian Tom Schaefer’s “Patterns of our Past.” Joining that volume is a bibliography of York County historical publication compiled by Paul Wolfgang. That volume is titled “Patterns: Past and Future.” Schaefer’s informative work is hard to find elsewhere.
“Builders and Heroes,” are biographies compiled from articles in The York Dispatch, the York Sunday News and the York Daily Record. This hardback book contains bios of mainly 20th-century leaders, families and heroes unavailable anywhere else.

If you missed getting this set in 1999, this discovery of long-forgotten treasure offers another chance.
For details, contact York County Heritage Trust archivist Lila Fourhman-Shaull.