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Part III: York County, Pa., by the 2010 U.S. Census numbers

U.S. Census numbers for York County and Pennsylvania came out this week, and the York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News captured all those numbers on its census site, www. ydr.com/census. All boroughs and township population numbers are broken down on this site, where this photo appears. Also of interest: Population tops 400,000. York County, by the numbers, Part I and York County, by the numbers, Part II and YorkCounts quality-of-life indicator: Post-high-school prospects rising and Despite historic occurrence among Pennsylvania Dutch, rate is falling and York countians tipping the scales – 2/3 of us are fat or obese.

We’ll let the just-released Census figures speak for themselves, except for one key takeaway.
York City’s population grew by 7 percent.
After peaking at almost 60,000 in the post-World War II era (see chart below), the population had declined to just above 40,000 by 2000.
Now, it’s at 43,718… .

People want to be part of things that are growing, so we’ll see if these stats provide progress toward a tipping point in the city’s renaissance.
Another quick comment: The city remained slightly above 10 percent of the county’s population. Good so far.
But in 1950, the city’s population stood at about 30 percent of York County’s. In 1950, the city had more “market share” to capture political attention from elsewhere in York County.
Here are the numbers, culled from the York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News’ census coverage:
Total population (at a glance)
York County grew by 13.9 percent
York City grew by 7 percent.
York County, 2000: 381,751
York County, 2010: 434,972
York City, 2000: 40,862
York City, 2010: 43,718
Other facts:
– York County is the 8th fastest growing county in the state.
– The Hispanic population also increased for the county percentage-wise, increasing by 115 percent since 2000.
– The county’s white population increased by 8.7 percent, but decreased in the city by 8.2 percent.
– York County’s black population increased by 72.7 percent, and 19 percent for the city.

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For all York County Census numbers, check out: ydr.com/census
Census chart appeared in “East of Gettyburg,” numbers courtesy of Georg Sheets’ “Made in York.” For a decade-by-decade listing, see that book. Photo courtesy York Daily Record/Sunday News.