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A rotating York County treasure trove: Linked in with neat history stuff – June 13, 2011

York, Pa.’s Julie Kemper- Kunkle views her father’s parachute, center, from Kenneth Kemper’s time in the Air Force in Korea at a viewing of the ‘Front Porch to Front Lines: York County Goes to War‘ exhibit Sunday at the York County Heritage Trust. The rotating display has 72 different compartments, searchable by last name, artifact, a picture in a book or by war. The artifacts will be rotated. The exhibit opens to the public Tuesday at the York County Heritage Trust, 250 E. Market St. in York. The exhibit highlights the warfront and homefront in World War I through the Vietnam War. For details, visit: Front Porch/Front Lines. Also of interest: On Second Saturdays: ‘It’s really cool that the Heritage Trust started this program’ and One image illustrates two long-neglected subjects in York area , Don’t know much about York County history? and WW II air raid siren: ‘The plan is to get it to work’.

Neat stuff from all over … .
American Pickers, the History Channel’s antiquers who mine interesting artifacts from massive collections all over America, say in their show’s intro: “We tell America’s story, one pick at a time.”
I’ve thought about the pickers a lot since seeing lead collector Mike Wolfe speak at Penn State York.
Those folks are following their passion; they love their work.
And I thought about yorktownsquare.com (and other Yorkblog history bloggers) and decided to play off their intro:
“We tell York County’s story one post at a time.”
OK, it’s recycled, but that’s what the pickers do, right? … .

Facebook query: On FB, friend and architect Dick Bono queried: “Somewhere I had read that the Jeep prototype was designed and built in York….and that it was mass produced by Willys only later. At one time I recall, it was displayed at the Industrial Museum. Do you know the true story behind this?”
I answered that this post tells about the Jeep’s link to York County.
Blog post of the day: Only York’s Joan Concilio posted this: Solving a mystery about Melvin’s in the East York area, as well as a pizza shop
Forum of the day: Exchangers are discussing the Depression-era WPA projects around York County.

Who was August Shenk? Angela Ruder is looking for information on her new York County home, built in 1855 by Augustus Shenk. If you have information on Augustus Shenk, contact Angela.

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Top photo courtesy York Daily Record/Sunday News.