York Town Square

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‘Picture Memories’ booklet: York County Flood of 1933 worst on record up to that point

The 1933 York County flood proved deadly. Here, wreckage of a porch in Yoe is left after it gave way, throwing George Lemar Shenberger, 15, into the floodwater. The teen drowned. (See additional photo from “York Flood 1933” below). Background posts: ‘The Bridge’ marks the spot along the Codorus and Where did Camp Betty Washington Road get its name? and What is the probability of another flood in York?

A neighbor of David Gembe in York had thrown out a 16-page “Picture Memories, York Flood 1933.”
That flood, the worst on record at that point, came in August after three days of continuous rain, according to the newsprint booklet salvaged by Gembe.
The booklet also stated: …

This view from, looking west from American Legion Post 127, showed the high water mark of the 1933 flood.
– The flood caused an early damage estimate of $3 million to $10 million in York City alone.
– It topped previous high-water marks by 17 inches.
– In York County, 47 bridges were washed away or damaged beyond repair.
That flood spawned Depression-era work on the Codorus Creek in York and construction of the Indian Rock Dam.
The Gazette and Daily compiled the booklet.
It cost 10 cents, and proceeds went to a group known as Citizens of Flood Control.
But an alert David Gembe got it for free, and here some of its contents are offered for the benefit of York Town Square viewers.