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100 years later, Delta clock keeps on ticking


This is the Humphrey Pritchard clock at the Old Line Museum in Delta, Pa. The museum’s website, source of this photo, states that the clock is made of three types of slate. The clock’s maker was a career slate miner.  Also of interest: Check out these YorkTownSquare.com stories and photos about Delta/Peach Bottom and that area’s Welsh quarrymen.


Southeastern York County has bred a 7-foot-2-inch player that has been at it for 100 years.
And no, this player didn’t toil for the championship Kennard-Dale High School basketball team in the mid-1990s… .

The player is the Humphry Pritchard’s slate clock, on display at the Old Line Museum in Delta.
The authoritative “The River and the Ridge” tells the clock’s story:
It took slateworker Pritchard a year and a half to build the clock, made out of three kids of slate: dark slate from Peach Bottom, and green and red slate from outside county boundaries.
Pritchard used slate entirely, except for conduit for wiring. About 1,300 tiny screws hold the timepiece together.
Why did Pritchard build the clock?
No one knows. One theory is that he had a speech problem that curbed his social life.
The clock and its home, Delta’s Old Line Museum, are now on York Town Square’s list of unsung artifiacts or locales in York County. (“The River and the Ridge” merits discovery as well.)
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