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10 top links to coverage of the life, death and legacy of Joe Paterno

This is the front page from the York Daily Record/Sunday News today, leading in to comprehensive coverage of Joe Paterno’s death.  The coverage also included many stories and photos on ydr.com and social media. Here’s one example from Twitter, Daily Record/Sunday News photographer Jason Plotkin tweeting with linked photograph of Joe and Sue :  ‘A great man is as great as the woman who supports and loves him. I’m sorry for your loss, Sue Paterno. ‘ Also of interest: See commenting on Facebook about the front page and the YDR’s coverage.

If journalism is the first draft of history, then the York Daily Record/Sunday News’ coverage of Joe Paterno’s death will be an artifact often examined in the future.

The newspaper was packed with stories and photographs, as was its website and social media platforms.

To help you sort things out, here is a guide to 10 pieces of that coverage.

– Local reaction to the death of JoePa on video.

– A story reporting reaction by former NFL player Scott Fitzkee, Maryland coach Randy Edsall and other York countians about Paterno.

– Paterno was no stranger to York County, including two political visits with Presidents Bush I and Bush II: ‘Joe Paterno in York County: “I love presidents who don’t flinch” ‘

Patti Stirk tweeted with an attached photograph of snow-covered Beaver Stadium with the message: “One last white out for #joepa.”

– Photographer Jason Plotkin profiled Paterno visually on YDR photographers’ Look blog. “Toward the end of his career, I know I was trying to treat every season ending like it could be Joe Paterno’s last,” Plotkin wrote.

York Daily Record Sports Editor Chris Otto‘s poignant tweets on the story. Example: “Sue Paterno & daughter just left Paterno statue basically unnoticed, Sue shedding tears hidden by a large winter coat. /via @KevinHornePSU”

– The YDR/YSN’s Frank Bodani, who has covered Penn State football for years, wrote this column: ‘Paterno’s life work ends with a broken heart.’

– This York Daily Record/Sunday News editorial weighs in on Paterno’s legacy: “Keep striving for JoePa’s ideals.”

– An interactive timeline of the life and career of Joe Paterno.

– All this Paterno coverage rolled into one story with plenty of links.

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Joe Paterno is a part of York County’s fabric