York Town Square

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The ornate, but now-demolished York City Market House in living color

The Dempwolf-designed City Market, with its 140-foot tower, stands sometime before its 1960s demolition in the block bordered on two sides by York, Pa.’s South Duke Street and East College Avenue. Background posts: Striking architecture lined York’s South Duke Street and York Market House No. 2 – The architecturally striking City Market and There were 5, count ’em, 5 York markets.
Fellow blogger Scott Butcher has posted a wonderful color drawing of the landmark City Market that does the best job I’ve seen of communicating the beauty of this markethouse… .

After the York Daily Record/Sunday News published an excerpt from the blog, a letter writer noted that the market’s steps are still there along South Duke Street.
A windshield tour of the area confirms the writer’s findings.
If only the market was still there… .
But it was victim of unchecked demolition in the 1950s and 1960s that stripped York of several wonderful structures – the York County Academy, the York Collegiate Institute, Helb’s Brewery and its owner’s West York Mansion, Springdale Mansion.
One wonders how York would be different if they had been left standing.