York Town Square

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Stack of books on York County’s Civil War past getting higher

This old Prospect Hill Cemetery gate frames Civil War Soldiers Circle, where many who died at the U.S. Military General Hospital in Penn Park were buried. Lila Fourhman-Shaull tells about some of the noted Civil War-era residents who were buried in the cemetery in her “A Walking Tour of Civil War-Era residents at Prospect Hill Cemetery, York, Pa.” Background posts: Navy SEAL Neil C. Roberts: ‘In this simple grave … lies a national hero’ and ‘He said his farewells to his family … ‘ and Not all rebel wounded suffered after Gettysburg.

Scott Mingus’ recent “Flames Beyond Gettysburg” is another book exploring York County’s role in the Civil War.
Since 2000, various presses have produced these works touching on the county and the Civil War or exploring that era:

Scott L. Mingus Sr.’s “Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Gordon Expedition, June 1863” a study, with driving tour, of the Confederation occupation of York County. Available via scottmingus@yahoo.com; http://scottmingus.webonsites.com; or York Emporium, 343 W. Market St., York, 846-2866. Other works: “Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign, Volume I & II” and “Gettysburg Glimpses: True Stories from the Battlefield.” Also forthcoming from LSU Press: “A Spirit of Daring: The Louisiana Tigers in the Gettysburg Campaign.”
– George Sheldon’s “Fire on the River, The Defense of the World’s Longest Covered Bridge and How It Changed the Battle of Gettysburg.”
Dennis W. Brandt’s “From Home Guards to Heroes, The 87th Pennsylvania and Its Civil War Community.”
John T. Krepps’ “A Strong and Sudden Onslaught, The Cavalry Action at Hanover, Pennsylvania.”
– George A. Rummel’s “Calvary on the Roads to Gettysburg, Kirkpatrick at Hanover and Hunterstown.”
– Eric J. Wittenberg and J. David Petruzzi’s “Plenty of Blame to Go Around, Jeb Stuart’s Controversial Ride to Gettysburg.”
Scott Butcher’s “Civil War Walking Tour.”
Lila Fourhman-Shaull’s “A Walking Tour of Civil War-Era residents at Prospect Hill Cemetery, York, Pa.”
Mark Snell’s “From First to Last, The Life of Major General William B. Franklin.”
John V. Jezierski’s “Enterprising Images, The Goodridge Brothers, African-American Photographers, 1847-1922.”
June Lloyd’s “Faith and Family, Pennsylvania German Heritage in York County Area Fraktur.”
– My “East of Gettysburg, A Gray Shadow Crosses York County, Pa.” and “Almost Forgotten, A Glimpse of Black History in York County, Pa.” also join this group.
Photo courtesy of York County Heritage Trust.