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The Brogue, York County, Pa.: ‘No one knows where it begins or ends’

The Brogue General Store has served as a community meeting place for years. Here’s a gathering from 2004. Background posts: One-room school days fascinate York County history students and High-ranking military brothers spent time in York County and Wildflowers at Shenk’s Ferry glen sprouting despite centuries of encroaching civilization.

Fellow blogger June Lloyd is a native of The Brogue.
The former York County Heritage Trust archivist knows much about her home area – and is offering a well-grounded explanation for the origin of the southeastern York County village’s name… .

Her comment on a York Town Square post suggests that the land bore the name before the village tavern, the longtime gathering place credited with spawning the unusually named crossroads settlement.
Perhaps it comes from the way the founding settler of that Chanceford Township village spoke, she suggested. (Click here and go to commenting area to see June Lloyd’s full explanation.)
Anyway, that York County community bears many interesting facts and factoids, as another June – June Grove – writes in her “A History of Chanceford Township, York County:
The village limits: “Brogue is an unincorporated village – no one knows where it begins or ends.”
Confusion reigns: “Brogueville is located along Muddy Creek on the line of the former Ma & Pa Railroad, and the Brogue is situated on Peach Bottom Road (Route 74). The confusion arises because the post office at the Brogue was named Brogueville for a time.” (“The Gazetteer of York and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania” lists five entities bearing the name: The Brogue, The Brogue Lands, Brogue School, Brogueville, Brogueville Station.)
Location, Location, Location: “Brogue is located at the juncture of five roads: “Delta, York, Lucky, Muddy Creek, and Canning House Road.”
Grove notes that the village was an important stage stop along the road from York to Peach Bottom, now Route 74.