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Route of the Yorkshire History Walk

Yorkshire History Walk Map (S. H. Smith, 2017)

I’ve been asked to share some stories of the origins of Yorkshire as the lead speaker in a walk thorough that Springettsbury Township community on Saturday June 10th. The walk begins at the Yorkshire Elementary School at 3:00 PM. My comments will serve as an introduction to Yorkshire residents sharing their memories during this stroll through Yorkshire. Brenda Neff is the organizer of this walk and the Yorkshire Memories Facebook page, administered by Kathie Hoffer, has been providing the details; such as meeting place, parking, length of walk and will provide up to the minute info in case the walk has to be postponed due to inclement weather.

The Yorkshire History Walk route has been selected to provide a good mix of architectural variety and history, while avoiding heavily traveled roads. Sidewalks have been selected as much as possible, however please be careful, since there is the occasional uneven sidewalk. Also be aware of the occasional traffic on the roads not having sidewalks.

Click on this link to go to the page showing the full Yorkshire History Walk map. If you click on the map within that page, a higher resolution image is provided.

The main eastern loop walk, with stops 1 through 9, is planned to last about one hour; consisting of 25-minutes walking and 35-minutes at stops. At the conclusion of that walk, those choosing to not continue on the optional western loop walk, have a quick walk back to the starting point via Mills Street.

The optional western loop walk, with stops 10 through 15, is planned to last about 35-minutes; consisting of 15-minutes walking and 20-minutes at stops.

Your comments and stories are welcome along the way. However in consideration to everybody on the walk, so that we conclude in a timely manner, please reframe from overly long comments. The topics associated with the 15-stops are:

  • Stop 1—Who was really behind the initial development of Yorkshire?
  • Stop 2—The Yorkshire Trolley stop on York County’s electric streetcar system.
  • Stop 3—The mystery of the missing section of Greystone Road.
  • Stop 4—In 1925 a church was built on southwest corner of First & Edgewood.
  • Stop 5—Lyndhurst canopy of Sycamore trees with a wide variety of architectural styles.
  • Stop 6—Location and stories of the Yorkshire Ranch barn.
  • Stop 7—Location and stories of the Yorkshire Ranch farmhouse.
  • Stop 8—Restrictions in the earliest Yorkshire deeds.
  • Stop 9—History of the Yorkshire public schoolhouses.
  • Stop 10—Naming of streets in Yorkshire.
  • Stop 11—St. Joseph Church and School move to the suburbs from the city.
  • Stop 12—What’s with the name 3-mile run and why is it underground?
  • Stop 13—Location and stories of Haines Horse Racing Track.
  • Stop 14—Location and stories of Playland Roller Skating and Pool.
  • Stop 15—What’s with the Woozy Moose connection to the 1931 Firehouse?

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