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York Rail Car Manufacturers & Their Influence on the Route of the Ma & Pa Railroad; Two Early Rail Routes went through Loganville and then onto Hanover Junction

Southeastern York County Section of an 1867 Pennsylvania Map, Showing Initial Routes of the Peach Bottom Railway (Predecessor to the Ma & Pa Railroad); First Route went through Apple Grove and Second Route went through Neff’s Summit, thereupon continuing through Loganville and connecting to Northern Central Railroad near Hanover Junction

John D. Denney, Jr. showed me a copy of this map roughly six years ago.  The original from which his copy was made contained penciled routes; which I have approximated in white.  It named the locations: Peach Bottom, Delta, Apple Grove, Neff’s Summit, and Loganville; which I have likewise placed on the map.  Based upon penciled notes on the original, John Denney believed this to be a map belonging to one of the earliest directors of the Peach Bottom Railway; a predecessor to the Ma & Pa Railroad.

This map will be one of the topics during my talk at the Red Lion Area Historical Society tomorrow evening; Thursday November 29th 2012.  I’ll discuss railcar builders in the York area, including the impact these competitors had on influencing the route of the Peach Bottom Railway.  You’ll learn why the initial rail routes bypassed the heart of Red Lion and what ultimately resulted in the chosen route.


This Red Lion Area Historical Society program will be at 7:30 pm on Thursday November 29th 2012.  The Society meets at St. John’s UCC, 161 North Main Street in Red Lion.  There is plenty of parking behind the church and their meetings are located on the ground level, right next to the parking lot.  Meetings are free and open to the public.

Bing.com Map Showing Location of Red Lion Area Historical Society Meetings; St. John’s UCC is at 161 North Main St., Red Lion, PA 17356 … Enter from Parking Lot Behind the Church

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