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York Fair & Susquehanna Trail Edition; Readers Choose Top 10 Posts during September 2014


York Fair & Susquehanna Trail posts dominated the most popular YorksPast posts during September. Just like August, the series on the Susquehanna Trail continued to provide a significant boost in YorksPast readership … THANKS!   I’ve collected enough new material to continue writing about the Susquehanna Trail throughout October. That series will resume next Friday.

At the beginning of every month, I’m sharing with my readers the top 10 posts from the previous month. These are your favorites during September 2014:

Yt84College Football Games were played on the York Fairgrounds during the York Fair

In the years prior to the construction of the Grandstand Stage on the present York Fairgrounds, the infield of the half-mile race track was occasionally used for football games. This early sports article gives details about the College Football Game played between Dickinson College Reserves and the York Collegiate Institute teams during the York Fair in 1899.

Yt8575 Years Ago, Joe Bury sells Four and a Half TONS of Hamburgers at the York Fair

Joe Bury rightfully deserves the title of York’s hamburg king. A total of 44,750 hamburgers crossed the counter at his stand on the fair grounds 75 years ago. He disposed of 8,950 pounds of hamburg, almost four and a half tons. To make Bury’s feat even more astonishing, in 1939 the York Fair only ran 5 days and 5 nights; Tuesday through Saturday.

Yt86Board of Governors of the Susquehanna Trail Association visit to York in 1918

In 1918, the Board of Governors of the Susquehanna Trail Association visited York on June 12th and Gettysburg on June 13th; to help them decide which city would be the terminus of the southern extension of the Susquehanna Trail. The York Motor Club, pictured in this postcard, is where the York delegation entertained the Board of Governors during the evening of June 12th. Learn where the York Motor Club building still stands.

Yt87NEVER BUILT . . . The Town of Pleasant Garden and other Curiosities

This post provides links related to my latest talk that is entitled “NEVER BUILT . . . The Town of Pleasant Garden and other Curiosities.” The talk was first presented during September and word-of-mouth has already resulted in the talk being scheduled at other locations during November 2014 and March 2015 … watch for details.

Yt88Birds Eye View of Original York Fairgrounds Site

As a result of my post York Fair Grounds Particulars from 1877, I received a request to determine approximately where the track and buildings were located on terms of present York streets. In this post, I’ve marked-up a 2014 Bing.com SOUTH LOOKING Birds-Eye View to indicate the extent of the original (1856-1888) York Fairgrounds. I’ve also over-sketched the approximate location of the 1/3rd-mile race track.

Yt89Establishment of the Susquehanna Trail in York County during 1918

A map shows initial routes and the final route during the process of establishing the Susquehanna Trail in Northern York County during 1918. With the Susquehanna Trail foothold established from Harrisburg to York, a Trail route south of York was guaranteed to follow.

Yt90500th YorksPast Post & Readers Choose Top 10 Posts during August 2014

YorksPast started with a post on July 26, 2012. Two years and nearly two months later, this marks my 500th post of sharing a hodgepodge of explorations of York’s Past. I’ve learned a lot, via my research, for those posts; I hope my readers enjoyed what I’ve shared along the way.

Yt91Susquehanna Trail Association switches in favor of a York Haven route; should York get the Trail

During the June 12th, 1918 York visit, the Board of Governors favored the Dillsburg, Wellsville and Dover route of the Susquehanna Trail, should York get the Trail; although the York Committee was able to convince the Board of Governors to take a peek at their suggested route through York Haven. On June 17th, a Harrisburg newspaper was first to beak the news that the Board of Governors of the Susquehanna Trail Association had switched in favor of a York Haven route; if York is selected over Gettysburg to get the Trail.

Yt92Yorkers spring into action To Attract the Susquehanna Trail

On June 12th, 1918, a 150-member York delegation, in 34 cars, would caravan to Harrisburg to escort the Board of Governors of the Susquehanna Trail Association back to York. The rules for the caravan: “The drivers will draw for place in line and there will be no racing.”

Yt93A Trolley heads East of Stony Run in Stony Brook

Trolleys ran from the City of York to Wrightsville, passing through Stony Brook in Springettsbury Township.  Trolley service in and near the City of York existed from August 18, 1892 to February 4, 1939.  However the York to Wrightsville trolley was in service for a shorter time span, from May 21, 1904 to February 1, 1933; thus placing this, undated eastward looking, photo from the collections of the York County Heritage Trust before February 1, 1933. The photo shows a trolley passing over Stony Run where it crosses the Lincoln Highway in Stony Brook; i.e. just east of the Locust Grove Road intersection.

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