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York County One-Room Schools (Q-R)

Location & Source Index for School Names Beginning with (Q and R)

This is the seventh post in a series that will provide a location and source index for pre-1950 York County schools.  The vast majority of these schools are one-room schools.  The complete list is being rolled out over several weeks.  Others completed in the series are:


I estimate that the GPS & ADC locations will be complete for about 60% of the schools by the time all sections are posted.  These locations are derived from descriptions in township histories and from old maps; including typographic maps, state highway maps, county maps and township maps.  Please reply to this Blog if you have location information on a pre-1950 school that is in need of GPS & ADC coordinates.

A few words noting the nearest crossroads for a school is the only description that I need.  Providing the GPS coordinates is optional, I’m able to pinpoint from old maps that have unnamed school markings once I know the name and general location of the school.  See Part 1 and Part 2 of Schoolhouse Symbols on Maps, if you are curious how this is done.

Each entry in the list contains 5 items:

School Name, Township or Borough {Source} [GPS Coordinates] (ADC Map Page-Grid)

If an Internet link has been discovered for a school, click on the underlined school name to access the site.

{Source Codes}  {FIVE Digit Longevity Code, followed by Lettered Codes}

FIVE Digit Longevity Code = Each digit represents a YEAR in a lifespan of 60 years: {1886, 1907, 1923, 1936, 1946}.  A digit value of ‘1’ indicates that the schoolhouse was an active school during that YEAR.  See note at the end of this post for how to use these five digit codes to quote the source(s) of information associated with each school name.

A = “All In One Room, A collection of York-area schoolhouse memories” printed in 2008 by the York Newspaper Company

P = “Photo Clippings Notebooks of York County One-Room Schools” at York County Heritage Trust (974.841  Y61)

[GPS Coordinates]

Schoolhouse GPS Coordinates in Latitude & Longitude using GPS format Degrees and Decimal Minutes

(ADC Map Page-Grid)

ADC  www.adcmap.com Street Atlas Book’s (Map Page ‘dash’ Grid coordinates on that page).  This indicates the grid where the schoolhouse is (or was) located.  RARELY will the school name be shown on the ADC map; use GPS to narrow in on the location within the grid.

York County, Pennsylvania Pre-1950 Schools

(Names beginning with Q-R)

  • Raab’s, York Twp. {01111, A} [N 39 54.850 W 76 39.356] (3676-E4)
  • Railroad, Railroad {, P} [N 39 45.667 W 76 41.767] (3895-J9)
  • Ramer’s, Dover Twp. {?1111, } [ ] ()
  • Rearich’s , Jackson Twp. {??111, P} [N 39 52.836 W 76 52.188] (3673-A10)
  • Red Lion, Red Lion {, P} [N 39 53.650 W 76 36.233] (3677-D7)
  • Redland, Newberry Twp. {?1111, } [ ] ()
  • Rennoll’s, North Codorus Twp. {10000, } [ ] ()
  • Ridge Ave., York City {, } [N 39 58.133 W 76 42.967] (3565-F5)
  • River, Newberry Twp. {?1111, P} [ ] ()
  • River Hill, East Manchester Twp. {?1111, A} [ ] ()
  • River Hill, Lower Chanceford Twp. {1?000, } [ ] ()
  • River View, Lower Chanceford Twp. {1?100, } [N 39 49.017 W 76 20.067] (3791-G10)
  • Rocky’s, Newberry Twp. {?1100, } [ ] ()
  • Rohler’s, Dover Twp. {?1111, P} [ ] ()
  • Rohrbaugh’s, Codorus Twp. {10000, } [ ] ()
  • Roser’s, Codorus Twp. {01111, } [ ] ()
  • Rossville, Warrington Twp. {?1111, P} [ ] ()
  • Roth’s, Jackson Twp. {??111, P} [ ] ()
  • Round Hill, East Hopewell Twp. {?1100, P} [N 39 48.950 W 76 33.850] (3787-K10)
  • Roundtown, Manchester Twp. {?0001, P} [N 40 0.742 W 76 45.242] (3454-K9)
  • Roxbury, Newberry Twp. {?1111, A} [ ] ()
  • Rudy’s, Conewago Twp. {11111, P} [ ] ()
  • Rudy’s, Hellam Twp. {1?111, AP} [N 40 0.667 W 76 35.233] (3457-F9)
  • Ruhl’s, Shrewsbury Twp. {??111, } [N 39 44.450 W 76 40.508] (4008-B2)
  • Runk’s, another name for Black Rock in Manheim Twp. {11111, P} [N 39 44.129 W 76 52.259] (4005-A3)
  • Rupert’s, Dover Twp. {?1111, } [ ] ()

Schoolhouse Longevity Code

Longevity Code is FIVE digits in length, with each digit either ‘0’, ‘1’ or ‘?”

1886 is the year of the FIRST DIGIT; source is John Gibson’s History of York Co., PA

1907 is the year of the SECOND DIGIT; source is George Prowell’s History of York Co., PA

For first and second digits, if that History of York County names the school in the township history it is assigned a ‘1’; if not named, it is assigned a ‘0’; and if the particular township did not supply a list, all schools in the township are assigned a ‘?’.

1923 is the year of the THIRD DIGIT; source is 1923-1924 School-Year Directory

1936 is the year of the FOURTH DIGIT; source is 1936-1937 School-Year Directory

1946 is the year of the FIFTH DIGIT; source is 1946-1947 School-Year Directory

In these school directories of York County, PA, the same rules apply; assigning ‘1’ if name is in the directory and ‘0’ if the name is not in the directory.

From the first digit to the fifth digit represents a lifespan of 60 years: {1886, 1907, 1923, 1936, 1946}.  For example, a longtime lifespan is represented as {11111}, early life as an active schoolhouse however closing about 1910 {11000}), begun to be used as a schoolhouse about 1910 {00111}, etc.

One sees that several townships did not include a school list in the 1886 John Gibson’s History of York Co., PA  or the 1907 George Prowell’s History of York Co., PA.  If that was the case, all schools in that township have ‘?’ noted as the digit for that particular year.

With these five digit codes, one can quote the source(s) of the information associated with each school name.  If all Longevity Code digits are ‘0’ or ‘?’, the source letter(s) to the right of the Longevity Code is the source for the schoolhouse name on my list.

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