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Wm Tally House cafeteria at York Mall

Wm Tally House logo from a cup (Submitted by Joan Lutz)

A friend of Joan Lutz claimed the William Tally House cafeteria at the York Mall was connected with McCrory’s Stores. Joan doubted that was true, however asked if I’d look into it when she submitted a photo of the Wm Tally House logo from a cup. Her mother attended many meetings in the York Mall Community Room and if Joan went along, a meal at the William Tally House was sure to follow.

I had never heard of a connection between William Tally House and McCrory’s, however discovered that connection existed. Wm Tally House cafeterias originally were part of a McCrory’s competitor; J. J. Newberry Company. When McCrory’s purchased Newberry, the Wm Tally House chain was included and became part of McCrory’s Restaurant Division.

An article in the June 18, 1974 issue of the York Daily Record notes the connection. That article reported, Richard R. Bressler, manager of the William Tally House in the York Mall, received McCrory’s award for Top Performance in their Restaurant Division. The article noted, “McCrory’s, headquartered in York, has over 1,100 stores and 750 restaurants.” In winning the award, Mr. Bressler received a specially inscribed plaque, company ring, bookends, table medallion and an all-expense-paid, three-day vacation for two.

Additional York Mall Memories

The York Mall opened along East Market Street, in Springettsbury Township, on October 3, 1968. For nearly the first 7-years the central anchor store was Hochschild Kohn, a Baltimore-based department store in a two-story building. One had to walk through the first floor of Hochschild Kohn to travel between mall segments connecting the end anchor stores; Montgomery Ward at the north end and J. C. Penney at the south end. Upon the closing of Hochschild Kohn, The Bon-Ton became the central anchor store; opening on July, 30, 1975.  No part of the enclosed mall still exists; the last section was removed when the Walmart, in the former J. C. Penney building, became a Walmart Supercenter.

The Jumping Fish Fountain in the York Mall (Circa 1970 Photo from Archives of Springettsbury Township Historic Preservation Committee)

The Jumping Fish Fountain was located adjacent to the east entrance to William Tally House cafeteria; actually this photo was taken while standing at that entrance. This fountain was located at the northern mall entrance to Hochschild Kohn.

The York Mall Community Room was located on the second floor; reached by the elaborate staircase that overhung the Jumping Fish Fountain.

I only remember being in the community room two times. While expanding the garden behind our home on Witmer Road, I dug up an old bottle. I remembered seeing a Bottle Collectors group met in the York Mall Community Room and took that bottle to have the group look at it. The other time I was in that second floor Community Room was after the Bon-Ton store moved in; for during the Christmas shopping season, a section of the Community Room was filled with many of the animated Christmas exhibits that formerly were displayed in their street-side windows in Downtown York.

Joan Lutz’s mother always bemoaned the loss of the use of the York Mall Community Room. Joan still has one of her mom’s flyers about the room. “The Community Room at the York Mall is available to any local and other non-profit organizations in the community for meetings. There is no cost involved to the organizations. The room has a seating capacity of five hundred, although the room can be subdivided for smaller groups. Chairs, tables, etc. are provided and as always, free parking.” Joan added that she understands several weddings took place in the York Mall Community Room.

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