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Who Can Solve The Mystery of These Steps with Five Clues?

It’s been suggested that I occasionally mix a few shorter posts in with my normal fare of longer posts.  Some recent posts by Jim McClure at YorkTownSquare concerning old York County steps inspired this short post.

Who can solve the mystery of the steps in this photo with five clues?  You have all weekend to work on this; the answer will be revealed in my post on Monday.


  1. Originally known as the road to Wrightsville
  2. Went to a building constructed two years after the Civil War ended
  3. There is a Union association
  4. Building still there until about 40 years ago
  5. Photo was taken at 1:30 Thursday afternoon (hint: interpret the shadows to determine directional orientation)

Answer is in the post:  Second & Third Union Church Buildings at Canadochly.

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