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What does the Mickey Mouse Club have to do with YorksPast?

Ad for TV Premiere of Mickey Mouse Club

A month after I started first grade, The Mickey Mouse Club premiered October 3rd, 1955.  My usual routine the next four years was to come home from school and play outside.  At the appointed time my siblings and me gathered around our small black and white TV in the living room to watch The Mickey Mouse Club.  Mom was always busy in the kitchen preparing supper.  Think about that, the 1950s were the first decade where Moms could use TV to keep children occupied.

The thing that I liked about The Mickey Mouse Club was looking forward to consistent show themes based upon the day of the week.  Monday was ‘Fun with Music’ day.  Tuesday was ‘Guest Star’ day.  Wednesday was ‘Anything Can Happen’ day.  Thursday was ‘Circus’ day. And Friday was ‘Talent Round-up’ day.


In YorksPast I’ve decided to use consistent themes based upon the day of the week.  I figured that one can’t go wrong mimicking Walt Disney.  I will be posting five days a week; with the occasional weekend post.

  • Monday will be ‘MAP’ day.
  • Tuesday will be ‘ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN’ day.
  • Wednesday will be ‘STORY HISTORY’ day.
  • Thursday will be ‘STORY’ day.
  • Friday will be ‘FAMILY HISTORY’ day.

‘Anything can happen’ day will deal with anything related to local history or it could contain part two of ‘Map’ day on occasions.  ‘Family history’ day will present unusual bits and pieces associated with Local Family Histories.  ‘Map’ day will explore a hodgepodge of things associated with York County maps:  watch for Monday’s post on the 843 foot elevation summit known as Buzzards Roost.

Buzzards Roost on 1997 Topographic Map

‘Story’ day will blog the next few pages of a historical novel being written for YorksPast.  This novel will be a historically accurate multi-generational fictional tale of hidden treasure primarily set in York County during the latter half of the Nineteenth Century.  ‘Story History’ day will provide historical background associated with each installment of the story.

I have spent many years gathering background details for several planned historical novels.  The direction of the initial novel has changed more times than I want to admit; however right now it is as if I can see the whole novel crystal clear in my mind.  YorksPast is the perfect impetus to force me to make the novel a reality.  Hopefully I’ve absorbed some of the creative storytelling of Walt Disney.

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