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Welcome to the Heart of the Lower Susquehanna


I’ve received numerous comments and suggestions concerning my post Crossroads of the Susquehanna Valley. That post evolved after reading Jim McClure’s York Town Square post about why not ‘Middle of Everywhere’ brand for York County works; because we are. Jim commented to my suggestion of using ‘Crossroads of the Susquehanna Valley’ as the brand for York County:

Stephen, great thinking. I’m not sure ‘Middle of Everywhere’ is spot on. The idea was to prompt other/better ideas like yours. This ‘Middle of Everything’ concept – or whatever it evolves to – was boosted by an idea from local business owner Joanne Ekeledo: “Hub +.” That points to York as a crossroads but promises pleasant offerings here as well.

I responded that ‘Hub of the Susquehanna Valley’ does have a nicer welcoming ring to it, however several of my readers disagreed. They did not think ‘Hub’ was the proper word to use. To them, it conjured up images of airports as hubs; you traveled to them but immediately leave.

Other feedback noted the brand for York County should be applicable and useable anywhere in the County; plus the brand slogan should be inviting.

I believe the branding slogan ‘Welcome to the Heart of the Lower Susquehanna’ embraces all those criteria. A Google search did not show any others using ‘Heart of the Lower Susquehanna;’ therefore it is unique.

Comment to Jim McClure’s post or this post if you have ideas for a York County brand.

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