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Watershed Event at Wyndridge Farms on June 21


A local historical perspective on residence in the Chesapeake Bay community will be presented at Wyndridge Farms on Tuesday June 21st from 7 PM until dusk. The back yard of Wyndridge overlooks the Barshinger Creek Watershed; which will be the focal point of this event; entitled Barshinger Creek: “From The Source To The Sea.” The principal speakers are Jack Grove, PhD, Marine Biologist and Dr. Harry Campbell, PA Executive Director Chesapeake Bay Foundation. The other presenters and details for this event are provided in this notice. If you are reading this on the Ydr.com site, click on this LINK for a Full View of the illustrations in this post on the original YorkBlog site; since the ydr.com site will occasionally cut off important details in the cropping of illustrations.

The presenters will share how an early connection with nature and watersheds can positively impact out lives and career choices. I’ll focus on historical connections of the Barshinger Creek Watershed and touch on surrounding watersheds.

The highest elevation in this region is Fairmount Park in Red Lion. Being the highest elevation, several creeks originate from aquifers and drainage from Fairmount Park. To the northwest, Mill Creek originates; winding its way towards the Codorus Creek, just north of York. To the northeast, Fishing Creek originates; winding its way past Craley to the Susquehanna River.

Even further to the northeast, Cabin Creek originates east of Freysville; feeding Red Lion Water Company’s Cabin Creek Reservoir. To the east of Fairmount Park, Pine Run originates; emptying into Muddy Creek and then flowing into the Susquehanna River.

To the south of Fairmount Park, Barshinger Creek originates; and meanders 4-miles into the Codorus Creek East Branch which flows into Lake Redman of the York Water Company. Fairmount Park is the source focal point of four distinct watersheds; two feeding the Susquehanna indirectly via a westward flow to the Codorus Creek, and the other two feeding the Susquehanna River directly via an eastward flow. All eventually flowing into the Chesapeake Bay, which empties into the sea.

Fairmount Park in Red Lion was the site of Red Lion’s first water company in 1893. The Red Lion Water Company initially utilized a small reservoir in the park with water pumped from a 200-feet well on the property. This is Stock Certificate No. 1 for the Red Lion Water Company; dated November 2, 1893.

Stock Certificate No. 1 for the Red Lion Water Company; dated November 2, 1893 (Submitted by Shirley Keeports)
Stock Certificate No. 1 for the Red Lion Water Company; dated November 2, 1893 (Submitted by Shirley Keeports)

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