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Talk about Dosch Burial Grounds; and YorksPast Lineup for Week of September 24th

General Area of Dosch Burial Grounds in Lower Windsor Township                                (1908 Topographic Map Section)

On October 2nd I’ll be talking about the Dosch Burial Grounds in Lower Windsor Township.  This will be a journey back in time from the current Kohr ownership to the initial Onion ownership and will focus on each owners association with the burial ground on the farm.  The 1908 Topographic Map section shows the general location of this burial ground between East Prospect and the Susquehanna River.

I’ve already done posts about two of the early property owners, George Dosch and Michael Dosch.  John and Sarah Emig were the property owners the longest; 65-years.  They viewed this farm as their plantation near the river; when they weren’t busy founding Emigsville.  The property was also part of S. Forry Laucks’ Lauxmont Farms.  This talk will be presented at the October 2nd meeting of the Lower Windsor Area Historical Society, at 6:30pm in the lower level of the Lower Windsor Township Community Building in Martinsville.


Earlier this month, I skipped a week of YorksPast posts because of a last minute invitation to spend a week in an isolated section of the Adirondacks.  By last minute, I mean that I left for the Adirondacks within a few hours of getting the invite.  I did not expect to skip another week of posts so soon.

Today I got an idea for improving a few of the property maps for the talk on the Dosch Burial Grounds.  In re-doing the first property map, I liked the approach so much better that I decided to add even more polish and then re-do all the property maps.  Even though this is last minute and time consuming, I think the resulting property maps for my talk will be worth the effort.  To do so, I’m skipping a week of YorksPast posts.

I expect to be back with a full week of YorksPast posts starting Monday September 24th.

YorksPast Lineup for the Week of September 24th

  • Monday 9/24:  Why is Peavine Island in York County?
  • Tuesday 9/25:  York County One-Room Schools (L-M)
  • Wednesday 9/26:  Historical Background for Dan DeWyatt’s Early Life
  • Thursday 9/27:  Railcar Gold, Chapter 2, Part 2
  • Friday 9/28:  Enhancing Family Histories Part 3, Reunions: Smith, Ferree, Anstine, Barshinger
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