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Pigeon Hills debunks Red Lion Myth

Topographic Map of Pigeon Hills Area in York County, PA (Annotated by S. H. Smith, 2016)
Topographic Map of Pigeon Hills Area in York County, PA (Annotated by S. H. Smith, 2016)

A reader from the Pigeon Hills area in York County area debunked a Red Lion myth. He claimed everybody living along Laurel Woods Lane in Heidelberg Township lived at an elevation higher then the highest point in Red Lion’s Fairmount Park.

The initial myth was that Fairmount Park was the highest point in York County. This progressed to Fairmount Park is the highest inhabited point in York County; because the ski lift on top of Roundtop Mountain ski area was not considered the same type of occupancy.

Topographic maps indicate the highest point in Red Lion’s Fairmount Park is 1020-feet above sea level. The shown topographic map, of the Pigeon Hills area, confirms all the houses along Laurel Woods Lane in Heidelberg Township are higher; at between 1080-feet and 1180-feet elevation. Throughout the Pigeon Hills there are also additional housing groups at elevations higher than Fairmount Park. Click on this LINK for a Full View of the illustrations in this post; since the ydr.com site will occasionally cut off important details in the cropping of illustrations.

Here is a list of York County summits over 1000-feet. These were obtained by a review of USGS Topographic Maps; and although a few might have been missed, this should include most of the summits. The list is sorted by elevation and includes Township where located, [corresponding ADC Map page and Grid location] and Name of Summit.

  • 1412-feet, Franklin Twp. [3339-G6] Not Named
  • 1371-feet, Franklin Twp. [3339-F7] Stone Head
  • 1355-feet, Warrington Twp. [3342-B4] Round Top
  • 1330-feet, Warrington Twp. [3341-G4] Nells Hill
  • 1227-feet, Warrington Twp. [3342-D2] Pinetown Hill
  • 1220-feet, Heidelberg Twp. [3781-J3] Pulpit Rock
  • 1189-feet, Heidelberg Twp. [3781-J4] Not Named
  • 1183-feet, Heidelberg Twp. [3781-K3] Not Named
  • 1178-feet, Heidelberg Twp. [3781-J3] High Rock
  • 1125-feet, Carroll Twp. [3341-B6] Blair Hill
  • 1118-feet, Monaghan Twp. [3341-K2] Flat Mountain
  • 1108-feet, Paradise Twp. [3781-K1] Not Named
  • 1099-feet, Carroll Twp. [3340-B1] Not Named
  • 1094-feet, Warrington Twp. [3342-H4] Ramsey Hill
  • 1090-feet, Paradise Twp. [3781-K2] Not Named
  • 1087-feet, Manheim Twp. [4005-C3] Beecher Hill
  • 1062-feet, Paradise Twp. [3782-A1] Not Named
  • 1062-feet, Jackson Twp. [3782-C1] Not Named
  • 1054-feet, Hellam Twp. [3457-B5] TV Tower Hill
  • 1032-feet, Penn Twp. [3781-G5] Not Named
  • 1022-feet, North Hopewell [3896-H3] Not Named
  • 1020-feet, Red Lion [3677-D7] Fairmount Park Summit
  • 1019-feet, Manheim Twp. [4005-K2] Dug Hill
  • 1017-feet, Hellam Twp. [3456-H8] Rocky Ridge Park
  • 1015-feet, Codorus Twp. [3894-H10] Rocky Ridge
  • 1007-feet, Warrington Twp. [3342-E3] Wright Knob
  • 1002-feet, North Hopewell [3896-G1] Not Named

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