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Readers Choose Top 10 Posts during September 2015


Near the beginning of every month, I’m sharing with my readers the top 10 posts from the previous month. These are your favorites during September 2015:

Yt198YORK FAIR Finger Ring Mementos crafted by The Mighty Atom

Several readers reminded me the Mighty Atom would take a 60-penny nail and bend it with his bare hands to craft a precisely sized finger ring as a memento for the recipient. It appears many of these bent nails finger rings have been retained as mementos of seeing the Mighty Atom during his performances at the York Fair.

Yt126Reading the HEADLINES: An Index to ALL YorksPast posts

This link is on the menu bar and at the end of every post; providing a linked quick view of all the YorksPast Headlines. I continually get complimented on this feature; one reader summed it up, “It’s just like reading the headlines on various pages or sections of the newspaper.” She liked using my listing of headlines sorted into broad categories; especially the ability to virtually see all headlines in each section, all at one time.

Yt199Neat Photos of a Drive-In Easter Sunrise Service at Stony Brook

Terry Downs shared some neat photos of a Drive-In Easter Sunrise Service that St. John’s Lutheran Church held at Stony Brook Drive-In Theatre in 1957. My favorite photo is a classic view of drive-in speakers hanging on the car windows, with the Rev. Enno A. Schmoock delivering the sermon, backed by St. John’s Senior Choir and the cross.

Yt201Lost Landmark?

“Lost Landmark?” is the headline of an article appearing in the April 30, 1992, issue of This Week; a weekly newspaper serving Springettsbury and Spring Garden Townships. The subheading is “Owners of Meadowbrook Restaurant get permit to tear down historic Springettsbury farmhouse.” On April 28th, Meadowbrook Limited Partnership had paid the $5 demolition permit fee; giving them the right tear down the building with little notice. This post provides the rest of the story.

Yt202Crossroads of the Susquehanna Valley

I decided to do a Google search on ‘Middle of Everywhere’ after reading about a suggestion: why not ‘Middle of Everywhere’ brand for York County works; because we are. There were scores of hits on the phrase ‘Middle of Everywhere.’ I quickly found several communities that use that brand and stopped looking any further after finding the County of Grande Prairie in Alberta, Canada, even has the middleofeverywhere web site.

Yt203Welcome to the Heart of the Lower Susquehanna

I believe the branding slogan ‘Welcome to the Heart of the Lower Susquehanna’ embraces the most often heard criteria; that it should be useable anywhere in York County, plus the brand slogan should be inviting. A Google search did not show any others using ‘Heart of the Lower Susquehanna,’ therefore it is unique.

Yt204The Mighty Atom entertained at the YORK FAIR for over Five Decades

The artwork of Cliff Satterthwaite captured The Mighty Atom during one of his free shows during the 1968 York Fair. By 1968, The Mighty Atom was setting up his trailer besides the poultry building. Cliff nailed the scene perfectly, with all the photos of The Mighty Atom performing various feats of strength hanging in the background.

Yt205Civil War Veterans organize throughout York County

The Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) became the first nationwide veterans organization in the United States following the Civil War. They were a powerful political force; being responsible for officially getting May 30th established as Memorial Day and in lobbying Congress to establish regular veterans’ pensions. Read about the 13 G.A.R. posts in York County.

Yt206Free Weekly Newspaper for Springettsbury and Spring Garden Townships

‘This Week’ was a free weekly newspaper distributed to more than 14,000 homes and businesses in Springettsbury and Spring Garden Townships. It was founded in 1989 and was published until the late 1990s. Their slogan was: “Written to enhance the quality of life for those who live, work and play in our communities.”

Yt207Artwork by Cliff Satterthwaite completes Freysville Trilogy

Artwork by Cliff Satterthwaite completes the Freysville trilogy, along with his 1972 photo and my 2015 photo of this crossroads. There is a dramatic difference in the appearance of the Freysville intersection in these ‘Then versus Now’ comparisons.

Reading the Headlines: A Quick Index to All YorksPast Posts