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Readers Choose Top 10 Posts during June 2014


YorksPast started with a post on July 26, 2012, with about 30 views per day during the initial months.  This chart shows the growth of YorksPast readership in recent months; thanks to my ever-growing legion of loyal readers!

At the beginning of every month, I’m sharing with my readers the top 10 posts from the previous month.  You’re continuing to catch up on reading the past installments of my historical novel, that I post every Thursday; 29 of the top 50 post views were installments of Railcar Gold.  These are your favorites during June 2014:

Yt55York-Lancaster Inter-County Bridge at dusk with Original Lights

The ugly cobra lights are gone.  Their hideous orangish-yellow illumination is replaced with a pleasing blanket of white light from the 1930s style lantern lights.  I also summarize the Bridge Names; official and otherwise.

Yt56Clock Trickery in Columbia; connection to Steam Into History in New Freedom

One can’t help but think that a wall painting in The National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia as surreptitiously advertising the Steam Into History train that runs between New Freedom and points north in Southern York County.  Congratulations to Steam Into History on beginning your second year of operation.

Yt57End of May, over Ten-Feet of Ice at Lockport along Susquehanna in York County; Connection to Apollo Moon Mission

Before the building of the Safe Harbor Dam in 1931, Lockport was located at rivers edge.  The Safe Harbor Dam is the second dam at this site.  Lockport is now under the Apollo County Park edge of Lake Clarke, however Lockport still appears on current topographic maps.

Yt58Readers Choose Top 10 Posts during May 2014

In early June, I shared this top 10 list; i.e. the posts with the most page views from my loyal readers, during May 2014.

Yt59Springettsbury Township closed their last five One-Room Schoolhouses in 1952

About 200 Springettsbury Township students received One-Room Schoolhouse education during the 1951-1952 school year.  When the Springettsbury Township School opened in the fall of 1952, the last five One-Room Schoolhouses, in the township, closed.

Yt60Pennsylvania Governor Wolf on the cover of the Directory of the Teachers and School Directors of York County

Why is Pennsylvania Governor George Wolf on the cover of the 1933-1934 Directory of the Teachers and School Directors of York County?  The simple answer is in observance of the 100th Anniversary of the Common School Law in Pennsylvania. Governor Wolf’s backing of the unpopular measure led to the establishment of publicly financed grade-school education throughout Pennsylvania.

Yt61Stony Brook One-Room Schoolhouse (1913-1952)

I utilize Directories of the Teachers and School Directors of York County to compile a list of most of the Stony Brook teachers that taught in this One-Room Schoolhouse located at 101 Locust Grove Road in Springettsbury Township.

Yt62Locations of five One-Room Schoolhouses that closed in 1952; and The Avalong Connection

In this post, I show the location of the last five One-Room Schoolhouses that closed in 1952.  I also pinpoint the location where the Springettsbury Township School was built and point out the Avalong connection to the school.

Yt63Governor Wolf’s profound impact on York County

Yorker Tom Wolf is running for Governor.  One hundred and eighty-five years ago, Pennsylvania had its first Governor Wolf.  It was Pennsylvania Governor George Wolf who brokered a deal with the Pennsylvania Legislature to approve a charter leading to the first railroad into York County.  This deal was required because the first York County rail connection was with Baltimore, Maryland instead of a Philadelphia connection preferred by the Pennsylvania Legislature.

Yt64Reading the HEADLINES; A Quick Index to ALL YorksPast Posts

Reading the Headlines is an always-up-to-date, quick index to all YorksPast Posts that was suggested by a reader.

Reading the HEADLINES; A Quick Index to ALL YorksPast Posts