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RAILCAR GOLD Chapter 7 . . Driver . . Part 1

RAILCAR GOLD   Chapter 7 . . . Driver

RAILCAR GOLD is a historically accurate multi-generational fictional tale of hidden treasure, primarily set in York County, Pennsylvania during the latter half of the Nineteenth Century.  This is Part 1 of Chapter 7 . . . Driver.  A new part will be posted every Thursday.  New readers may want to start at the beginning.



CHAPTER  7  . . . DRIVER . . .  Part 1

Dan drove Charles and George all around York; without incident.  Charles proclaimed, “Dan, my boy, I wish you were a little older.  There is no doubt that you are a fine driver and the horses take to you, however I really can’t have a nine-year-old as a full time driver.  Nevertheless I’ll let you stay in the stable loft and be our spare driver; provided Elizabeth gives her blessing.”

Dan asked, “What do I need to do to gain acceptance by Elizabeth?”

Charles said, “Just give it time and keep on her good side.  I’ll tell her that you’ve done a fine job, and will be staying on as a spare driver, while I continue to look for a full time driver.”

A relieved Dan managed a, “Thank you, sir.”

George let out a, “Yhip hee,” and high-fived Dan.

Charles patted Dan on the back, “Maybe you can teach George a thing or two about carriage driving,” laughing, “he’s pretty bad at it.”

Dan spent the next several days cleaning up the stable and carriages, without a single request by Elizabeth to drive her anywhere.  In fact he seldom saw Elizabeth.  Belle was the only person utilizing his driving services; to get produce at market or supplies at stores.

Dan peppered George on what he needed to do to keep on the good side of his Mom.  One suggestion, George shared with Dan, “One of our past drivers always addressed Mom as Mrs. Billmeyer; she appeared to like that.  I’m sure he was one of Mom’s favorite drivers.”

Dan gave George a few tips on carriage driving, however Dan could tell that George really was not interested.  Dan had plenty of time to play with George and his friends at the swimming hole.  In a few days, it got to the point that Dan really enjoyed being a kid again.

Then it happened.  While eating breakfast in the kitchen one morning, Elizabeth walked in and requested, “Dan, I’d like you to drive me to the nursery to get some rose bushes; have the carriage ready in one-hour.”

Dan asked, “Which carriage would you like, Mrs. Billmeyer?”

Elizabeth smiled, “The small carriage will do just fine.”

To Dan this was a personal triumph, it was the first time Elizabeth smiled as a result of something he did.

Dan had the horse and carriage tied up at the side of the house with plenty of time to spare.  He was going over the carriage with a cloth as Elizabeth came out of the house.  She complimented Dan, “My, this carriage is spotless.”

Dan replied, “Thank you, Mrs. Billmeyer.  Which way to the nursery?”

Elizabeth instructed Dan, “Go to the market stands in the square and turn left on George Street.  I’ll tell you where to turn when we’re out in the country.”

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