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RAILCAR GOLD Chapter 21 . . Weddings . . Part 2

RAILCAR GOLD   Chapter 21 . . . Weddings add 2 blanks after GOLD
RAILCAR GOLD   Chapter 21 . . . Weddings

RAILCAR GOLD is a historically accurate multi-generational fictional tale of hidden treasure, primarily set in York County, Pennsylvania during the latter half of the Nineteenth Century. This is Part 2 of Chapter 21 . . . Weddings. A new part will be posted every Thursday. Recent chapters stand alone, starting here; however new readers may want to start at the beginning.


CHAPTER 21 . . . WEDDINGS . . . Part 2

Verna asked George and Emma Billmeyer to stop by their Paris hotel, where the wedding party was staying, so that she could introduce them to Grant and his parents. George and Grant hit is off and just as Verna predicted, Thursday morning, Emma and George received the invitations; to the wedding on Saturday and to the personal tour of Paris that Jeanne and Grant were giving that afternoon for the visitors from America.

George and Emma thoroughly enjoyed seeing the local Paris sights, with commentary provided by Jeanne. They thought it a nice touch, using all white horses to pull the omnibus through the quaint streets of Paris. Even the weather cooperated; it was warmer than normal as the end of November neared. On Friday, Emma picked up the dress she’d ordered during their first swing through Paris; it was perfect to wear to the wedding.

The wedding and reception gave Emma a lot of ideas for the upcoming wedding of Becky and Dan. Emma was especially fascinated by the wedding cake and was pleasantly surprised to learn the baker was related to Jeanne.

Emma talked to the baker at the reception and, through his broken English, was able to understand his directions and recipe for making the cake. The cake was a conical shape of about one-foot at the base and a height of two and one-half feet. The conical tower was made up of pastry balls filled with vanilla cream; which were stuck together with icing and covered with colorful embellishments. Figures of a bride and groom topped the cake.

All the guests got three or four of the pastry balls. Everybody from America raved about the tastiness of the cake. Emma was anxious to try the recipe for the pastry and vanilla cream filling once she got home; she was sure such a cake would be a hit with Becky and Dan for their wedding.

George Billmeyer penned a wedding gift for Jeanne and Grant. “Jeanne and Grant, Thank you for inviting us to attend your wedding. Wishing you everlasting joy and happiness, today and forever. Best wishes as you begin a wonderful life together. Our gift to you is not only an invitation to visit the Billmeyer Home in York, Pennsylvania, but also the use of the ‘Billmeyer & Small’ Private Railcar during your visit from and back to your residence in Princeton, New Jersey.” Signed George and Emma Billmeyer.

Sunday morning, George and Emma’s last day in Paris, they packed the majority of their baggage and it was carted off to catch the afternoon train; registered to be delivered directly to their ship in Liverpool. That afternoon was spent relaxing and people watching along the river Seine. The evening was caped off with a fabulous meal at their favorite Paris restaurant.

Monday was filled with travel from Paris to London. George and Emma went directly from the train station to Susanne Weatherly’s place on Baker Street and picked up Emma’s dress. Tuesday, they were eager to get to Liverpool, and into the comforts of their steamship stateroom. After boarding, they were relieved, upon seeing all nineteen pieces of luggage greeted them in their stateroom. It was as if they were nearly home.

A telegram from John Small awaited George in their stateroom, “I’ve received your letter. Am confident of having model mock-ups of several ideas ready upon your arrival. Will meet you in NYC with our railcar. Please advise expected arrival date.” George telegraphed a reply prior to the ship getting underway. George and Emma had a relaxing, uneventful nine-day passage to New York City.

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