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RAILCAR GOLD Chapter 19 . . Sustainable . . Part 5

RAILCAR GOLD   Chapter 19 . . . Sustainable add 2 blanks after GOLD
RAILCAR GOLD   Chapter 19 . . . Sustainable

RAILCAR GOLD is a historically accurate multi-generational fictional tale of hidden treasure, primarily set in York County, Pennsylvania during the latter half of the Nineteenth Century. This is Part 5 of Chapter 19 . . . Sustainable. A new part will be posted every Thursday. Recent chapters stand alone, starting here; however new readers may want to start at the beginning.


CHAPTER 19 . . . SUSTAINABLE . . . Part 5

Dan got up early Saturday morning. He looked out his window and as soon as he saw George Billmeyer starting a walk along the beach; he hurriedly got dressed.

Dan hustled to catch up with George. Dan yelled for George to wait up. As they walked along the beach, Dan began pouring out all the details that he had told Becky the night before.

After Dan finished, George surprised him, by inquiring, “All I want to know is, what was Becky’s reaction last night?”

It brought tears to Dan’s eyes as he told George; “Becky hugged me and told me, ‘All I know is that we’ve got to get you back to Clementon, Blackwood and Spring Mills tomorrow’. We’re planning on catching a train to Clementon this morning.”

George responded, “That seals the deal. Emma was right, Becky is perfect for you.” Dan proudly beamed, “I know. Don’t tell anybody, especially Emma; I’m going to ask Becky to marry me.”

George asked, “When?”

Dan stated, “I know exactly how I’m going to ask. It came to me as I lay in bed last night.”

George quizzed, “Care to share?”

Dan replied, “I’m not revealing all my secrets, but I promise you two things. I’m going to ask Becky in York before you leave for Europe. Secondly, Emma and you will be present when I ask Becky to marry me.”

George beamed, “Emma will love that. You care if I reveal your secret childhood to Emma.”

Dan acknowledged, “You can; all I ask is for you to wait until we leave for the train station.”

The whole train trip from Atlantic City to Clementon, Becky asked for more and more details about Dan’s early life, especially his parents and siblings. Dan was happy to oblige. He enjoyed finally being able to talk about them.

In Clementon, Dan retraced the tour his father had given him almost 25 years earlier. Dan even remembered the name of the guy the town was named after; Samuel Clement, who had the glass factory in the town.

Dan checked the stage schedules between Clementon and Blackwood. It would be almost four hours before the next stage to Blackwood. Dan did not want to wait that long. They stopped by the livery stable to inquire about hitching a ride to Blackwood or possibly getting a horse and buggy for the day; however struck out on both counts.

Dan asked Becky as he pointed west, “Blackwood is only about an one-hour walk down that road, are you game?” Becky grabbed Dan’s hand and they started walking down the road.

They were 15 minutes into their walk, when a wagon slowly passed them and came to a stop. The driver asked how far they were headed. Dan told him, “Blackwood.” The man responded, “That’s my next delivery. You’re welcome to sit on the sacks of grain in the back of the wagon.”

Dan cupped his hands for Becky to step in and he boosted her up; jumping in himself afterwards. As they traveled along, Dan struck up a conversation with the driver, “I traveled this road into Blackwood about 25 years ago. I remember someone that lived in Blackwood. Harry was his name. I believe he was a horse dealer, who took over from a guy named Rufus. Are either of them still in Blackwood?”

The drive remembered Harry, telling Dan, “Harry was a nice fellow. He died about five years ago. I don’t remember any Rufus. I only moved to the area twelve years ago; Rufus must have been before my time.” Dan was relieved that Rufus did not return to Blackwood, however he began to wonder if anybody else in town would recognize him.

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