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RAILCAR GOLD Chapter 1 . . Eureka . . Part 3

RAILCAR GOLD   Chapter 1 . . . Eureka

RAILCAR GOLD is a historically accurate multi-generational fictional tale of hidden treasure, primarily set in York County, Pennsylvania during the latter half of the Nineteenth Century.  This is Part 3 of Chapter 1 . . . Eureka.  A new part will be posted every Thursday.  New readers may want to start at the beginning.


CHAPTER  1  . . . EUREKA . . .  Part 3

Melody had been a neighbor of Ashley until near the end of the summer two years ago when Melody’s parents moved to North Carolina.  That summer, Ashley had enlisted the help of Melody in getting her parents approval to take scuba diving lessons in at a local swimming pool and ultimately at a quarry in Lancaster County.

Ashley phoned Melody immediately, however could only leave a message, “Great news Melody.  Stephie and me will be in Colorado next week.  Call me ASAP.  Ashley.”

Stephie quizzed Ashley, “So, what’s the plan?”

Ashley responded, “My you’re anxious.  You know Melody.  Once I get a chance to talk to her, we’ll work something out.”

Melody was four years older than the girls.  During summers and breaks when Melody was home from college, she was happy to have Ashley and Stephie hang out with her.  Ashley and Stephie trusted Melody.

Melody had already been involved in several of their schemes to find Danny’s gold.  Several weeks ago, Ashley told Stephie about hearing from Melody.  She got a job offer and after graduation would be moving to Denver.

The following day while at work, Stephie got a text from Ashley, “Talked to Melody.  After work, we’ll meet at your place.”  Stephie texted, “What’s the plan?”  Ashley responded, “Just act surprised when your Mom gets the call.”

In a whole string of texts that followed, the inquisitive Stephie could not get Ashley to divulge the plan.  This was driving Stephie nuts.  Ashley had a habit of doing this to Stephie.

At quitting time, a perturbed Stephie called Ashley.  Ashley kept insisting, “You need to act surprised when your Mom gets the call.  You won’t believe what Melody came up with to get us out to Colorado next week.  Its brilliant!”

Ashley knew that she would arrive at Stephie’s home first.  Ashley parked down the street and waited for Stephie to arrive in the opposite direction.  As Stephie arrived, Ashley texted her, “When you get home, text me GO if your Mom is at home AND the phone is not being used.  Melody will call within a minute of your text.  Make sure your Mom answers the phone!!!!!!”

Ashley sat in her car.  Several minutes passed.  She was having second thoughts about stringing Stephie along.  Ashley already had Melody standing by. Maybe Stephie was delaying the GO message to get back at her.

Ashley was on the verge of texting Stephie for an update when she got the text from Stephie, “GO.”  Ashley immediately relayed the GO to Melody.

Stephie sat at the kitchen table of her home, pretending to talk to somebody on her phone when the phone on the kitchen wall rang.  Her Mom answered the phone and recognized who was on the other end quickly, “Hi, Melody, long time since I’ve talked to you.”

For some time after that initial greeting, it was evident to Stephie that Melody did the all the talking.  It was really bugging Stephie.  What was she telling her Mom?  Suddenly her Mom exclaims, “Congradulations Melody!”

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