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Peter Kline Family from about 1773 in Eastern York County

November 9th 1824 Signatures of Heirs, Legal Representatives and Guardians of Minors of the late Peter Kline [Klein] (1744-1822); From Probate File of Peter Kline at the York County Archives, York, PA
Following my talk on the Dosch Burial Grounds in Lower Windsor Township, several people asked for more details on several of the families noted in my talk.  This post on the Peter Kline Family is the ninth in a series of posts to provide answers those questions.  Other posts in this series include:


The spelling of the surname of Peter Kline (1744-1822) is Klein during early life and a nearly even mix of Klein and Kline during later life; his children all used the Kline spelling.  Therefore I’m going to predominately use the Kline spelling throughout this post for consistency.  As primary background see: George Dosch Family Part 4; Stepfather of York Co.’s Peter Klein.  As secondary background see the first three George Dosch posts: Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3.

Peter Kline first came to York County from Lancaster County as a tenant farmer after his stepfather George Dosch purchased 386 acres in 1773.  It is hard to pinpoint the exact year that Peter moves to York County on a full time basis; it falls somewhere between 1773 and 1779.  Complete tax records have not survived prior to 1779, which is the reason the exact year of his arrival in York County can’t be pinpointed.  Peter Kline does show up as a York County renter in 1779; he is listed as Peter Cline, owning 3 Horses and 5 Head of Cattle.

Peter Kline continued to farm acreage of his stepfather in Windsor Township (now Lower Windsor Township) until the mid-1790s when Peter moved to property that he owned in Hellam Township.  Peter made purchases of property in Hellam Township from 1792 through 1797.  One purchase included the Tavern and Inn located on the road between Wrights Ferry and York Town.  The building that housed this Tavern and Inn still stands at 50 East Market Street in Hallam.

After Peter Kline moved to Hellam Township, his son Henry Kline took over farming the land still owned by George Dosch in Windsor Township.  All of the time when George Dosch owned the land farmed by Peter Kline and then Henry Kline, yet Peter and Henry are listed in tax records as if they are the owners during many of the years.  George Dosch gives instructions in his Will on how to dispose of this land farmed by the Klines (see George Dosch Family Part 4; Stepfather of York Co.’s Peter Klein).

Peter Kline [Klein] Family History

Peter Kline [Klein] (b. 1744 – d. February 5, 1822) of Sachsenhausen, Wertheim, Germany immigrated with his stepfather George Dosch, mother Catharine, sisters Magdalena & Eve, and stepbrother Michael Dosch.  They arrived on the Ship Phoenix, November 22, 1752 at the port of Philadelphia.  Peter initially resided in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with his stepfather and mother; he married Elizabeth about 1756, most likely in Lancaster County.  They had 8 children:

  • Elizabeth Kline (b. 14 Feb 1757 – d. unknown); Married George Schultz
  • Mary Kline (b. unknown – d. unknown); Married Henry Crone
  • Catharine Kline (b. unknown – d. unknown); Married George Stoutzenberger
  • Magdelena Kline (b. unknown – d. unknown); Married Henry Dietz on 2 Sep 1813
  • Henry Kline (b. 13 Jun 1775 – d. 5 Feb 1823); Wife is Catharine (b. 22 Oct 1775 – d. 16 Feb 1855)
  • Peter Kline (b. unknown – d. unknown)
  • John Kline (b. unknown – d. unknown)
  • Sarah Kline (b. 23 Dec 1784 – d. 22 Sep 1859); Married Philip Blessing

Since son Henry Kline (1775-1823) is deceased when the Peter Kline (1744-1822) will is probated in 1824, the names of Henry’s oldest children also appear on the 1824 list of signatures at the beginning of this post.  The 10 children of Henry & Catharine Kline are:

  • Elizabeth Kline (b. 25 Jul 1797 – d. unknown); Married Jacob M. Rathfon (b. 23 Jan 1791 – d. 8 Oct 1824)
  • George Kline (b. 15 Dec 1798 – d. unknown)
  • John Kline (b. 20 Jan 1800 – d. 31 Jul 1839)
  • Peter Kline (b. 7 Nov 1802 – d. 21 Jun 1867)
  • Jacob Kline (b. 11 Aug 1805 – d. unknown)
  • Catharine Kline (b. 17 Jun 1807 – d. unknown); Married Jacob Flory during April 1829
  • Henry Kline (b. 8 Jan 1810 – d. 10 May 1849)
  • Magdalena Kline (b. 8 Jan 1810 – d. unknown)
  • Joseph Kline (b. 25 Feb 1812 – d. 11 May 1871)
  • Sarah Kline (b. 1 Aug 1814 – d. unknown)

Next Friday I’ll start to examine the family history of John Gilbert; his first and second wives are daughters of Michael Dosch.

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