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RAILCAR GOLD Chapter 1 . . Eureka . . Part 1

RAILCAR GOLD    Chapter 1 . . . Eureka

RAILCAR GOLD is a historically accurate multi-generational fictional tale of hidden treasure, primarily set in York County, Pennsylvania during the latter half of the Nineteenth Century.  This is Part 1 of Chapter 1 . . . Eureka.  A new part will be posted every Thursday.


CHAPTER  1  . . . EUREKA . . .  Part 1

“Eureka, that’s it!” Ashley DeWyatt exclaimed; barely able to contain her excitement.

Stephie DeWyatt nonchalantly responded, “Oh no, sounds like another adventure is about to hatch.”

Ashley and Stephie are cousins.  They were born months apart.  Three weeks ago they graduated from Central High School.  Ashley and Stephie are more like sisters; they spend so much time together.  Ashley had a history of initiating most of their adventures.

Ashley begged Stephie to look at what she found on the Internet.  Stephie looked over Ashley’s shoulder.  Ashley pointed to an item on the computer display, crying out with her voice trembling; “That’s the missing clue to find Danny’s gold.”

Danny is the Great-Great-Great-Grandfather of Ashley and Stephie.  When the girls were 8-years old, their Great-Grandfather Sam DeWyatt told them the tale about a big stash of gold hidden by Danny for him to find.  Danny died unexpectedly before the full clues could be prepared for Sam.

The parents and grandparents of Ashley and Stephie never really believed in the family tale of hidden gold.  They often told the girls that their Great-Grandfather wasted much of his life searching for gold that does not exist.

Sam DeWyatt believed in the gold to his dying day.  The strong belief about hidden gold definitely passed down to Ashley DeWyatt.  Stephie was beginning to have her doubts.  Stephie had followed Ashley on several previous quests for the gold; none of them panning out.

Danny was orphaned at the age of 8-years old in New Jersey.  He ran away from his Guardian and made-up a new surname, DeWyatt.  A twist of fate had Danny passing through York, Pennsylvania as he put distance between his old and new lives.

Danny was befriended by Charles Billmeyer on his stopover in York and decided to stay.  Throughout his life, he remained closely associated with the Billmeyer family or their rail car manufacturing business Billmeyer and Small.

Ashley repeatedly tapped at a detail on a Nineteenth Century Billmeyer and Small rail car on her computer display.  She urged Stephie to look closer.  Stephie just shook her head.  She didn’t see anything that looked like a clue.  All of a sudden Stephie shrieked, “My gosh Ashley, You’re right!”

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