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Let Susquehanna Bank know what You Think about the Destruction of the Avalong Barn for a Branch Bank

Avalong Barn Destruction for a Susquehanna Bank in Springettsbury Township and Wood Carving at East York Post Office (2013 Photos, S. H. Smith)

I was at the Avalong Barn twice on Thursday with high-power binoculars.  I wanted to observe the upper barn underlying structure as the demolition crew uncovered construction details during their work.  The photo shows the final piece of the upper structure falling at 4:38 PM on March 21st 2013.

For all the farmers that used this barn throughout the past century, I thought it appropriate to attach the photo of the wood carving of the praying farmer.  This large carving was originally in the lobby of the Downtown York Post Office; it is now in the East York Post Office lobby, located less than one-mile from the barn site.

On Wednesday and Thursday several people recognized me from my picture in this blog.  They thanked me for the articles about the history of this farm and made suggestions that I’m including in this post.



It was stressed that even though it will not bring back the barn, York County residents still need to continually remind Susquehanna Bank how unhappy they are with their decision to demolish the Avalong Barn.  This continued action with Susquehanna Bank could have an impact on any future bank or company in making a conscious effort not to destroy another York County landmark.

Let Susquehanna Bank know how one feels about the destruction of the Avalong Barn for a branch bank.  If you want to sent them a letter; the address of the CEO at Susquehanna Bank Company Headquarters is:

  • William J. Reuter
  • Chairman and CEO
  • Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc.
  • 26 North Cedar Street
  • PO Box 1000
  • Lititz, PA 17543-7000

I had a few comments about my post on Wednesday, especially the little picture of the barn with the lettering entitled York County Residents Will Decide.  They wanted a bigger size, so they could print it and post it on their company, convenience store and wherever bulletin boards around York County.  You can now click on that picture at the end of Wednesday’s post for a bigger size.

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