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Hotel Paddock opened during 1946, in the building presently housing Paddock on Market, at 3406 East Market Street. A slide to be used in the October 11, 2023 History Night Event in Springettsbury Township.

History Night Event and the Hotel Paddock

The subject of the Fall History Night event in Springettsbury Township is “The 1940s and 1950s in Springettsbury.” The event will take place on Wednesday evening October 11, 2023, in the Community Room within the Springettsbury Township Administrative Complex at 1501 Mount Zion Road, York, PA 17402, at 7:00 P.M.

The October presentation is a continuation of a History Night event last year, which featured businesses in the township through 1939. The fall talk will reminisce about everything from restaurants to major industries opening in the township during the 1940s and 1950s, while also observing changes in township infrastructure and government during that period.

Several of the businesses opening in the 1940s and 1950s, carry the same name to this day. One such business is the present Paddock on Market, at 3406 East Market Street.

Newspaper ads have the business commencing in 1946, as Hotel Paddocks Food Corral. Janet Hershey was the owner/operator. The ad in the introductory slide is from The York Dispatch of September 27, 1946, pg. 14. A Hershey Family researcher shared a tale entitled; “Janet Hershey creates more businesses than Milton Hershey,” headlining this note:

“Janet Hershey had a knack for business. Foremost was creating beauty shops, then selling them for a nice profit. A break in her entrepreneurial career came when a bet on a horse yielded the prize of free use of a stately house on the Lincoln Highway. She fashioned it the Hotel Paddock, serving meals and offering lodging. The experience wetted her whistle for more hotel and restaurant forays, which fostered further beauty shops. Her PA businesses spanned Lancaster, Berks, Dauphin, and York Counties. Florida businesses are found in Colebrook and Sebring. Oceanside enterprises extended from Atlantic City, NJ, to Surfside, SC.”

I’m just starting to do further Family History research on Janet Hershey, to verify items in the tale and to check if there is a relationship to my GGGG-Grandmother Barbara Hershey (1767-1848). So far I‘ve confirmed this is the Janet Hershey that was born May 10, 1911, in Red Lion, York County; to Stauffer and Carrie Hershey. Is there anybody who knows more details about Janet Hershey or her family?

History of 3406 East Market Street

The building at 3406 East Market Street was built for John S. and Bertha C. Hauser shortly after they acquired the lot in 1907. Per further deed research, in 1939, the house is sold to their son Henry E. Hauser.

In 1945, Henry E. Hauser sells the house to Grover J. Thompson. Less than one year later, on September 18, 1946, it is sold to Janet Hershey for $1.00 (Deed 32G-532). Janet Hershey places an ad in The York Dispatch five days earlier, notifying customers of Janet’s Beauty Shop, she is going out of business and thanking all patrons and friends who have patronized her for the last twelve years.

Janet Hershey appears to be fully focused on immediately opening the Hotel Paddock for business. At first, she is only serving Turkey Dinners on Saturday and Sunday. By the Thanksgiving and Christmas season of 1946, the service expands to include holiday banquets and parties.

On January 3, 1947, Janet Hershey places an ad that the Paddock Hotel and Food Corral is now open daily, from Noon until Midnight. Also 12 fully equipped hotel rooms are now available for guests. The following month the Paddock Hotel has a Liquor License, a full menu and Italian Spaghetti is their new specialty.

In August 1947, Janet Hershey makes the initial queries about selling the business she has built-up. In December 1947, Janet’s Beauty Shop is opened in a room of the Paddock Hotel. Janet Hershey sells business at 3406 East Market Street on January 13, 1949.

The later owners of the 3406 East Market Street property through 1963 are as follows:
1949 – Jack Freeman
1953 – Russel G. Knaub and Benjamin H. Burg
1955 – Russel G. Knaub
1963 – Herman A. Klingenmaier

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