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Hickory Grove One-Room School; 99 percent Attendance

Hickory Grove One-Room Schoolhouse, Fairview Township, York County, PA (1941 Photo by Scott W. Knaub from the Collections of the York County Heritage Trust)
Hickory Grove One-Room Schoolhouse, Fairview Township, York County, PA (1941 Photo by Scott W. Knaub from the Collections of the York County Heritage Trust)

This photo of the Hickory Grove One-Room Schoolhouse in Fairview Township was taken in 1941 by Scott W. Knaub; a Superintendent of York County Schools. This schoolhouse is located on the northwest corner of Limekiln Road and Spanglers Mill Road; just south of the Yellow Breeches Creek. It is one of the three northern-most one-room schoolhouses in York County.

There was another Hickory Grove One-Room Schoolhouse in York County. That Hickory Grove Schoolhouse was located in Chanceford Township; on the west side of Ted Wallace Road and just south of Sechrist Road.

I’m writing about the Fairview Township Hickory Grove School, because I happened upon an 1887 newspaper article; touting 99% attendance for the month ending November 11, 1887. In 1887, the school year was 6-months-long; beginning in mid-October. Friday, November 11, 1887, marked the end of the first month of school.

In the late 1880’s, the countywide school attendance averaged in the low 80% range. Compared to the county average, attendance in city and borough schools was generally higher and attendance in rural schools was generally lower. That is likely why the 99% attendance in a rural school was newsworthy.

HickoryGrove1887The November 16, 1887, issue of The York Dispatch reported:

School Report of the Hickory Grove School.

The following is a report of attendance of Hickory Grove School, Fairview Township, York County, for the month ending, November 11, 1887.

Whole number in attendance, 44; average attendance, 43; per cent of attendance, 99; number of girls not missing a day, 20; number of boys not missing a day, 13; whole number not missing a day, 33. The following are the names of pupils attending every day during the month:

Girls—Grace Sweney, Susie Sweney, Carrie Sweney, Alice Haring, May Greenfield, Mary Kreitzer, Cora Kreitzer, Nora Harro, Gertie Wolf, Annie Casey, Lizzie Wrightstone, Carrie Snyder, Katie Eichelberger, Elma Hake, Gertie Hagarman, Susie Wrightstone, Minnie Shaffer, Annie Shaffer, Susie Davis and Grace Davis.

Boys—Roy Wolf, Charlie Hagarman, Willie Hagarman, John Greenfield, Harry Harro, David Harro, Abram Hess, Lloyd Wilt, Wilson Atland, Garfield Altland, Harry Davis, John Davis and Jennie Davis. The following were present every day but one:

Girls—Lizzie Beckley and Ettie Beckley.

Boys—George Rensel, Samuel Rensel and Ross Beckley.

Signed: G. A. Trimmer, Teacher

The Hickory Grove One-Room Schoolhouse, of Fairview Township, still stands today. It is utilized by a contracting business; as seen in the following 2015 photo:


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