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Zion View’s Green Frog BBQ on Labor Day

Northern Green Frog (Wikimedia Commons Photo)
Northern Green Frog (Wikimedia Commons Photo)

Kathy Mummert has questions about Zion View’s Green Frog Bar-B-Q held on Labor Day during the early 1930s. Kathy’s query was in response to my post: Zion View gets the Susquehanna Trail.

Zion View is located 6-miles north of York, in Conewago Township; along the Susquehanna Trail at Canal Road. Kathy’s grandfather worked in the cigar industry at Zion View; he shared with her the story of the Green Frog Bar-B-Q. Her grandfather emphasized it “was THE event of the year in Zion View.

Memories of Zion Views’s Green Frog Bar-B-Q

Quoting the query of Kathy Mummert:

Enjoyed your article on how Zion View ended up on the Susquehanna Trail. Guess we should thank the men from Williamsport for the Trail going through Zion View. For a while the Trail certainly had a positive impact on this tiny community.

Like the way your articles are clearly researched. Hope you can answer questions on the Green Frog BBQ held in Zion View. My grandfather emphasized the Green Frog BBQ was THE event of the year in Zion View. Believe the story goes it was held annually for several days near Labor Day in the early 1930s and from the event, the Green Frog Inn got its name. Featured food was barbequed frog legs and every day they had plenty of homegrown and outside entertainment and music.

Every now and then I ask someone about the Green Frog BBQ. When the questioned knew of my grandfather, who was known for his tall tales, thus far their response has been this was one of his stories. Can you put on your detective hat? I would like to know if the Green Frog BBQ is fact or fiction?

I thank you in advance if you clear my grandfather’s name and how about these questions. How many attended this event? What years was the event held? Where was the event held in Zion View? How many BBQ frog legs were consumed? Who provided the music? What was the entertainment?

Unfortunately this query has been buried in my Susquehanna Trail file for nearly two years. However recently, while doing additional research for my newest presentation: History of the Susquehanna Trail, I had an Ah-ha moment when I happened upon the following ad in the August 31, 1935 issue of The Gazette and Daily.

Green Frog Bar B-Q ad in August 31, 1935 issue of The Gazette and Daily
Green Frog Bar B-Q ad in August 31, 1935 issue of The Gazette and Daily

Kathy, consider your grandfather’s name cleared! So far I only have this ad, however I’ll do a follow-up post, as additional details are uncovered.

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