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George Dosch Family Part 4; Stepfather of York Co.’s Peter Klein

Property Bequeathed by George Dosch to Henry Kline in 1800; Plotted on Section of a 1953 Topographic Map near Long Level in Lower Windsor Township, York Co., PA (Annotations by S. H. Smith)

Following my talk on the Dosch Burial Grounds in Lower Windsor Township, several people asked for more details on several of the families noted in my talk.  This post on the George Dosch Family is the seventh in a series of posts to provide answers those questions.  Other posts in this series include:



I titled this blog post “George Dosch Family Part 4; Stepfather of York Co.’s Peter Klein.”  I’ve broken down the information that I have on George Dosch into several parts.  The first three parts were related to his nephew Michael Dosch, who purchased from his uncle 207.5-acres in Eastern York County in 1786.  George Dosch continued to own 185.5-acres in Eastern York County until the time of his death in 1800.  Initially George’s stepson Peter Klein was the tenant farmer on this parcel.

After Peter Klein bought property in Hellam Township in 1792, Peter’s son Henry Klein became the tenant farmer on this 185.5-acres.  Peter Klein was born in Germany and immigrated with his mother Catharine, two sisters Magdalena & Eve and stepfather George Dosch in 1752.  Peter’s children shifted to the Kline surname spelling, as in Klines Run and Klines Run Road that run through this 185.5-acre property today.  For further current orientation purposes, located on a part of this property is Moon Dancer Vineyards & Winery.

The Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Records in Lancaster, PA record the following burial.

“On November 27, 1800 in our churchyard, Johan George Dosch, an old fellow member, age 74 years and some months.”

George Dosch likely died about two days prior to burial; probably November 25, 1800.  For the last 13-years of his life in the Borough of Lancaster, George must have lived very well; at least we know that he ate very well.  The local newspaper, the Lancaster Journal, reported in their November 29, 1800 issue;

“Died in this Borough, Mr. Johann George Dosh, aged 74 years.  He weighted upwards of 400 pounds.”

George Dosch’s Will was written on April 9, 1800 and is recorded in Lancaster County Will Book H, Volume 1, page 63.  George left his stepdaughter Eve Groh the use of the brick house on Orange and Mulberry Streets in Lancaster Borough in addition to the lots which he purchased from Peter Albright in 1787.  After Eve Groh’s death, he further grants the same brick house and lots to Eve’s daughter Catharine, the wife of Jacob Witmer.

George Dosch also mandated that immediately upon his death, “liberate my negro man named Joe.”  In the 1771 Manor Township tax record, the age of George’s bound servant is listed as 18 years; assuming this is the same person, Joe would have been born in about 1753 and would have been 47 years old when liberated.

George Dosch bequeathed his “Plantation and Tract of Land” unto Henry Klein; son of George Dosch’s step-son Peter Klein.  George’s Will stated this land is “now in the Tenure or Possession of the said Henry Klein; situated in the Township of Windsor in the County of York adjoining the River Susquehanna and Bounded by the several Lands of Michael Dosh, Samuel Sheaffer and Christian Rathang.”

The granting of this land to Henry Klein is subject to Henry Klein paying 1,350 Pounds; divided as follows: 700 Pounds to be divided equally between the brothers and sisters of Henry Klein; 400 Pounds to be paid to George Moore, the youngest son of Adam Moore, deceased; 100 Pounds to be used for annual payment to John Miller, the husband of George Dosch’s stepdaughter Magdalena; and 150 Pounds from which to make yearly payments to George’s said negro Joe.  George Dosch further directed that Lands and Premises aforesaid should be equally divided between Henry Klein and his two brothers; Peter Klein and John Klein.

George Dosch bequeathed unto Michael Moore, the eldest son of Adam Moore, deceased, the sum of 336 Pounds.  George Dosch bequeathed unto his stepdaughter Magdalena, the wife of John Miller, the sum of 100 Pounds. George Dosch bequeathed unto the said Catharine, the wife of Jacob Witmer, the sum of 500 Pounds.  George Dosch bequeathed unto Sarah, the wife of John Ruby, the sum of 500 Pounds.  George Dosch bequeathed unto the German Lutheran Congregation, in and near the Borough of Lancaster, the sum of 500 Pounds.

All the remainder of George Dosch’s Estate is divided in one-third shares among:  Eve Groh, Catherine the wife of Jacob Witmer and Sarah the wife of John Ruby.  George Dosch names Jacob Witmer of Manor Township, Lancaster County and John Ruby of Windsor Township, York County to be the executors of his Will.  On 15 December 1800, the last Will and Testament of George Dosh, late of the Borough of Lancaster, was proved and Letters Testamentary were granted to Jacob Witmer and John Ruby to administer the Estate of the said deceased.

Next Friday I’ll conclude my examination of the family history of George Dosch, and in the future weeks will concentrate this Family History series on the earliest generations of the Kline and Gilbert families.

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